Monday, July 12, 2021


Don't call it a comeback ...
Former President Donald Trump easily won the 2024 GOP presidential nomination poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gathering this weekend in Texas.

Trump, who’s repeatedly flirted with making another presidential run in 2024 to try and return to the White House, captured 70% of ballots cast in the anonymous straw poll, according to results announced by CPAC on Sunday afternoon.

That's a boost from the 55% support he won in the hypothetical 2024 Republican primary matchup straw poll at CPAC Orlando in late February.
What happened between February and now? One thing that happened is that the Manhattan DA's office indicted the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer on tax fraud charges.

And Trump is more popular on the right.

Also, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the formation of a select committee to investigate the January 6 pro-Trump riot at the Capitol. This follows scores of arrests and a great deal of news coverage of the riots.

And Trump is more popular on the right.

Also, Facebook announced that it wouldn't allow Trump back on the platform for two years, while Twitter and YouTube bans on Trump remained in force.

And Trump is more popular on the right.

Everything is a witch hunt. Everything bad that happens to Trump makes the base that they're being persecuted, and makes them love him more.

I'd love to see Trump sent to prison, though I'm certain it will never happen -- but I think the arrest, trial, and conviction of Trump would rally his supporters even more. I think he could win the 2024 Republican presidential nomination from a cell.

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