Sunday, February 07, 2021


Axios reports:
Kevin McCarthy tried to get Liz Cheney to apologize for how she handled her vote to impeach former President Trump before last week's highly anticipated House GOP conference meeting — a request she refused, two people with direct knowledge told Axios.

... Cheney rolled the dice, refusing her leader's ask and counting on her supporters to keep her as conference chair....

What we're hearing: McCarthy ... told her privately hours before Wednesday's caucus meeting that their members wanted to hear her say she was sorry.
I'm sure McCarthy thinks this was Solomonic: He convened a meeting so Marjorie Taylor Greene could (reportedly) apologize for arguing that school shootings were faked, as well as for other assertions of QAnon lunacy. (If she apologized for urging the execution of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, I'm not aware of it.) McCarthy also demanded that Cheney apologize for voting to impeach a man who spent two months trying to steal a presidential election he lost and then urged on a mob that rampaged through the Capitol and would have lynched opponents if they hadn't been in hiding. Two apologies! A very balanced approach to dissenting voices! Surely you can see how the actions of Greene and Cheney are more or less the same, right?

It's going to be hilarious someday soon when McCarthy is the third straight Republican House leader defenestrated because he tried to balance the crazies and the not-quite-as-crazies and just wasn't crazy enough for the crazies. Sooner or later, the party caucus in the House will be led by a full-on crazy person -- Jim Jordan or Matt Gaetz or worse. They might as well cut to the chase sooner rather than later.

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