Thursday, September 03, 2020


I guess some of us needed to have this explained, but in case you were wondering, yes, it's illegal to vote twice in North Carolina.
North Carolina's election board on Thursday was compelled to remind residents that voting twice is a felony, after President Trump suggested that voters should vote once by mail and again in person on Election Day.

... "Attempting to vote twice in an election or soliciting someone to do so also is a violation of North Carolina law," Karen Brinson Bell, executive director of the North Carolina State Board of Elections, said in a statement.

... Trump made the suggestion during a visit to the key battleground state of North Carolina on Wednesday, saying voters should cast their ballots twice to test the mail-in system.
Attempting to vote twice or soliciting someone to do so is illegal. The law states:
§ 163-275. Certain acts declared felonies.
Any person who shall, in connection with any primary, general or special election held in this State, do any of the acts or things declared in this section to be unlawful, shall be guilty of a Class I felony. It shall be unlawful:

... (7) For any person with intent to commit a fraud to register or vote at more than one precinct or more than one time, or to induce another to do so, in the same primary or election, or to vote illegally at any primary or election.
So Trump is guilty of a felony.

He should be arrested and charged for this. If not, he should be impeached and removed from office. This impeachment wouldn't have an elaborate cast of characters or timeline. It wouldn't require a sophisticated understanding of geopolitics in the post-Cold War era. The man urged double voting. Double voting is illegal. Case closed.

It won't happen, but we should at least be talking about the fact that this is a criminal act and an impeachment-worthy offense.

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