Tuesday, December 10, 2019


So first we were told by multiple "liberal" voices in the media that it was suicidal for Democrats to choose a progressive like Elizabeth Warren as the party's presidential nominee. Don't pick a candidate who pleases lefties on Twitter! they told us. Find someone who can win back the votes of non-college-educated whites in the Rust Belt!

The candidate who seemed to appeal to those voters was Joe Biden, but he's been erratic and uninspiring in his public appearances.

Then a new candidate entered the race: Mike Bloomberg. And many of the same people who'd urged us to pick a candidate with appeal to non-college whites told us that Bloomberg might be the ideal candidate to lead us. Really? we said. You mean he might win those blue-collar voters back?

And now we have a new Quinnipiac poll, and it has an interesting data point on Mike Bloomberg:

Among non-college whites, Bloomberg has a 13% favorable rating -- and a 51% unfavorable rating.

This was the guy the blue-collar whisperers believed might lead the Democrats to victory? Someone blue-collar whites clearly despise?

If I didn't know better, I'd conclude that these supposedly liberal pundits really don't care whether Democrats appeal to blue-collar whites or whether we defeat Trump -- like the plutocrats whose opinions they parrot, they just want us not to choose Warren as our nominee.

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