Wednesday, November 06, 2019


Democrat Andy Beshear is the winner -- or, if you insist, the "apparent winner" -- of the Kentucky governor's race. President Trump endorsed the losing candidate, incumbent Republican governor Matt Bevin, and appeared at a rally for Bevin and other statewide GOP candidates on Monday night.

So how's the president taking the loss? In typical Trump fashion: He's lying to his Twitter followers and, in all likelihood, to himself.

Did Bevin pick up at least 15 points in the polls in the closing days of the race? Nope.

Every poll conducted this year showed a tie race or Bevin leading. One poll conducted last year showed the Democrat leading by 8.

But Trump was undeterred. He followed that lying boast with an even bigger lie.

Donald, listen. I know you still don't understand how to browse the Internet, but trust me: People can check this stuff now.

But this is standard operating procedure for Trump when his candidate loses, and sometimes even when his candidate wins. Here's Trump in 2017, when he endorsed Mitch McConnell's candidate in the Republican Senate primary in Alabama:

Actually, no, Strange hadn't gone up a lot in the polls against Roy Moore -- and Moore went on to win that primary.

In the 2018 Georgia governor's race, Trump claimed that he was personally responsible for a 45-point swing in the GOP primary:

What's odd in this case is that Trump might have helped Kemp run up the score -- but no, that wasn't good enough. He felt compelled to claim that he personally turned a Kemp loss into a win.

And earlier this year, Trump claimed that his candidate in a North Carolina special House election was facing a crushing defeat before he intervened.

Nope. According to FiveThirtyEight, three polls in this race had Democrat Dan McCready leading (by 2 point, 5 points, and 5 points), two had Trump's candidate leading (by 1 point and 4 points), and one showed a tie. So the race was a tossup. (Trump's guy won by 2.)

He just can't stop doing this. And his enablers reinforce the message:

Trump can't fail -- in fact, he can't even be failed. Even his losses are wins.

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