Tuesday, November 05, 2019


The Daily Caller reports:
Donald Trump Jr. appeared on CBS to promote his new book Tuesday....

“Say something nice on there today, aright?” CBS’s Gayle King teased.

“I’ll do that. I’ll do that. I can- Gayle, there’s some nice stuff in there,” Trump Jr. responded.

“Who is your favorite Democrat? Go ahead,” King asked.

After some cross talk, Trump Jr. responds, “Mitt Romney, Gayle. Mitt Romney is my favorite Democrat. How about that?”
At MAGA rallies, I assume this material kills.

But seriously: How many articles have you encountered just in the past week urging Democrats not to be so goshdarn polarizing, with their Medicare for All and their Green New Deal? How many pundits have begged all the Democrats to reach out to Trump voters? To "get out of their liberal/progressive/coastal elitist bubble"?

Well, this is what you get when you ask a Republican -- no, not just the president or his spawn, but virtually any Republican -- to bridge the partisan gap: You get a total rejection of the Democrats, as well as the clear message that no one can be a member in good standing of the Republican Party, or, for that matter, the community of decent people, without showing blind deference to Dear Leader.

If Chelsea Clinton made a joke like this on a network morning show, there'd be five handwringing New York Times op-eds about it by Sunday. But Trump Jr. is a Republican, so he's free to say there isn't a single Democrat he likes, and no one will fret that he's harming America, or even that his dad might lose Wisconsin. If you're Republican, they let you do it.

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