Thursday, October 03, 2019


In a new USA Today poll, there's plurality support for both impeachment and Senate conviction:
Americans by a 45%-38% plurality now support a vote by the House of Representatives to impeach President Trump, a USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds....

By a similar margin, 44%-35%, those surveyed say the Senate, which would then be charged with holding a trial of the president, should convict Trump and remove him from office.
The numbers are even worse for the president a new YouGov poll:

Of course Republicans are seizing on every scrap of news that seems capable of discrediting impeachment. But much of the right actually seems to believe that impeachment is wildly unpopular, and is backfiring spectacularly on Democrats. They're seizing on a nothingburger story revealing that the Ukraine whistleblower reached out to a House Intelligence Committee staffer, who shared elements of the whistleblower's complaint with Congressman Adam Schiff, after which the staffer urged the whistleblower to contact an intelligence inspector general and go through proper channels. A Free Republic poster sees Schiff as doomed:
Can the Democrats afford to throw Schiff under the bus and keep up their fake impeachment? Adam Schiff has been central to one embarrassment after another for the socialist Democrat party. He lied for two years about the Russia collusion evidence, now he does the same to push impeachment. This time, he is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, conspiring with a CIA spy in the White House. His gambit has ensnared Quid Pro Joe, who helped his son make millions in deals while he was vice-president, even bragging on video tape about his prowess to get results (that protected his son and partners).

My guess is that Schiff's only victims will be himself and Quid Pro Joe. The socialist Democrats will dump both and move on as if none of this ever occurred. Their fake impeachment will be lost in investigation as they move on to the next shiny object.
What's puzzling the righties is that their narrative isn't taking hold in the mainstream media -- yes, the folks on Morning Joe think the Biden allegations have legs, but despite a lot of table-pounding by Trump and the rest of the right, the Trump allegations are being treated as significantly more important (which seems reasonable because, y'know, Trump is president).

A Z-list conservative blog called DB Daily Update describes yesterday as "a No-Good, Terrible, Very Bad Day for the Deep State Dems." The evidence?
Let’s just go through a few of the disasters the Democrats suffered throughout the day on Wednesday:

Pompeo decimates Democrat case for subpoenas. – At a press conference in Rome, Italy, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterates his firm opposition to allowing any of State Department professionals to be forced to become a party to the Democrats’ carnival midway freak show, and lays out a detailed constitutional case for taking that stance. The Outrage Mob went into full outrage mode, because of course they did, but nobody real cared.

Pelosi and Schiff hold a disastrous press conference. – Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum followed shortly thereafter with possibly the most dishonest press event since Baghdad Bob went on TV to assure the world that all was well in Iraq, promising a fake impeachment process that would be “fair to the President,” and with Pelosi’s newly-restructured face trying and failing to summon tears about how she has a big case of the sads about it all....

Schiff revealed to have coordinated with the fake whistleblower before the complaint was even written....

Trump owns them both in three different press events. – The President, meanwhile, held three separate press availabilties at the White House during the day, eviscerating the Democrats’ false case at every turn.
Okay, stop there. Those press events were unhinged. That was obvious to the vast majority of Americans. But I'm sure our intrepid author believes that "nobody real" thinks the president is out of control.

We're also getting the "nobody real" argument from Townhall's Kurt Schlichter:
... we ... have a media that’s a garbage coterie of Democratic transcriptionists.

And regular people will see that.

The media is going to try to chill out the terrified purple district Dems with soothing polls that explain how the majority of Americans love the idea of impeachment – just don’t look at those cross-tabs too closely! Now, impeachment is probably super-popular in big, blue dumb states like California and New York. But this kind of poll-skewing implies that this clusterfark is not so popular in normal places. You know, the places where the election will actually be decided? After all, Trump can lose CA and NY by 20 points and still win, and he can lose CA and NY by 40 points and still win.

The Dems are going to flunk out of the Electoral College again.
I have news for Schlichter: If opposition to Trump reaches double digits -- as it does in the YouGov poll quoted above -- then the Electoral College is not going to save Trump. Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election by only 7 points, and he beat John McCain in the Electoral College by a more than 2-to-1 margin. I'm not saying that double-digit opposition to Trump will automatically translate to a Democratic landslide in 2020 -- it's unlikely -- but we may be on the verge of an election in which none of the Republicans' presidential-election advantages will save them.

These folks think they're winning. Funny, I thought we liberals were the ones who supposedly live in an information bubble where other viewpoints don't penetrate. Who lives in a bubble now?

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