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I wade through a lot of right-wing sludge in my effort to inform and entertain you, but I usually give a pass to the D-list site American Thinker. However, this Thinker post, from regular contributor J.R. Dunn, caught my eye. As the headline notes, Dunn is fantasizing about a Trump assassination attempt -- not because he's a murderous Never Trumper, but because he hates Trump opponents so much he really, really wants to believe one of us will take a shot at the president, so he can hate us even more.
The Left's last card

Emoluments, Stormy Daniels, Russia collusion, the Mueller report, impeachment... The Left has played damn near every card in the deck against Donald Trump to no result whatsoever. Leftists are getting down to the bottom of the deck, and the final card: assassination.

This is not to say that the Democrats or even the denizens of the Deep State would directly involve themselves in an assassination attempt against the president. (Though I would go so far as to say that they would welcome it.) But let's consider the landscape:
Cue a list of supposedly murderous "leftists," including (of course) Kathy Griffin again, plus "Washed up Massachusetts pol William Weld stating publicly that the president 'deserves to be shot.'" (I can find no evidence that Weld -- who's a libertarian Republican, not a lefty Democrat -- ever said any such thing, although he did say that Trump has committed treason and "the penalty for treason under the US code is death," which is similar to what Trump now says about virtually everyone who offends him.)
... the opposition is no longer loyal or respectable. It has gone functionally insane. The Democrats have been transformed into the party of the fanatic, the messianic, the depraved, and the demented. The Left is obsessed with stopping Donald Trump at all costs and, as its slogan goes, "by any means necessary." If these people can't do it by legal or even the borderline means of the past three years, it is likely they will try to kill him.
Oh, we will? I guess I missed the memo. And I'm not sure why this is a concern -- after all:
The president is defended by agents of a Secret Service that has surely regained the level of professionalism eroded during the Obama years. It is rumored that they are supplemented by top-of-the-line private security experts.
Ninjas! (No, just kidding.)
But these constitute the final line of defense. Any attempt against this president must never get that far.
Dunn is a wingnut, so you can probably see where this is going -- True Patriot citizens have to defend the Dear Leader.
... During the campaign next year, Donald Trump will be involved in endless rallies, parades, and public appearances, all of which will offer an opportunity to the black-clad anarchist, the embittered Bernie- or Beto-backer, or the demented Travis Bickle. It is here that the citizenry is crucial....

* Keep an eye open. If you notice something odd or threatening, alert those around you, and then report it. (Alerting those around you is crucial — it's very possible that they will be the only ones who will respond. Both the Parkland and Aurora shooters were reported to authorities before their killing sprees. Both were ignored. Law enforcement is not what it used to be.)

* Assassins tend to be distinctive in appearance. Arthur Bremer resembled your friendly neighborhood Gestapo or KGB agent, Lee Oswald appeared to be channeling Norman Bates in appearance and behavior as the twitchy loner, and as for John Hinckley...enough said. The same action is required here: alert those about you, and report it.
Yes, he's arguing that you could tell Bremer, Oswald, and Hinckley were assassins just by looking at them. So I guess we have to rely on the exquisite discernment of loony rightists if we want to avoid being ID'd as terrorists.
* The same goes for vehicles. Car bombs have become popular. Any strange or oddly parked vehicle, or any unusual activity around such a vehicle, demands a response. The same goes for garbage cans, mailboxes, or anything else that can contain an IED.
Don't park crooked in J.R. Dunn's presence or he might just mete out vigilante justice to your Toyota.
* Above all, if it breaks wide open in your presence — if a gun appears, if someone begins fumbling with a knapsack as the presidential limo approaches — don't hesitate. Act immediately. Call on others, subdue the suspect, and turn him over to the authorities.
I'm amazed he's not urging the usual "Second Amendment solution," though maybe he feels he doesn't have to. (Fellow patriots: You know what to do.)
I hate to have to write this.
The hell he does. Guys like Dunn are so amped up on the notion that the apocalypse is upon us (it always is) that they're just itching for a lefty assassination plot against Trump. It's frustrating to them that there isn't one. Why won't we be as evil as all their right-wing media favorites tell them we are?
President Donald Trump has demanded that the United States remain in the hands of its citizens, and the elites hate him for it. Let's prove that we're worthy of it.
Forget all that "notify the authorities" nonsense above -- citizen soldiers, lock and load! Wolverines!

You know all those Trump voters we left-leaners are supposed to be much nicer to than we currently are? This is what they think of us. Forgive me if I'm not in a conciliatory mood.

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