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For the most part, the folks at Free Republic post and comment on previously published news items, but every so often one of them offers original commentary. Here's a post from a Freeper named pjd with the surprising title "How the Democrats Could Save the World." It becomes less surprising when you discover pjd's notion of a good Democrat.
In a nutshell, we need a Democrat Trump-clone.

Presently, the Democrats will do anything to achieve open borders. This is because they have become much too radical for traditional Democrats to support them. So they need a new population of dependents from whom they can buy votes.

But suppose some wealthy, non-politician Democrat announced his candidacy for president. Suppose he held old-school Democratic values. For example, suppose he supported secure borders, build the wall, and America first.

Naturally, the party leadership would hate him, just as the Republican leadership hated Trump. But 'normal' Democrat voters would love him and he would easily sweep the Democrat primaries.

Then what? The main-stream media would be in a quandary. Now, 'their' guy would be saying the same things as Trump! This guy could get a lot more done than Trump because the Republicans aren't so hate-filled as the Democrats and maybe the two parties could actually work together and maybe this could bring the Democrats back to sanity.

When you consider the current Democratic field, all *certified* wackos, a sane, relatively conservative, America-loving Democrat would leave them all way behind and it would be good for the country. What do you think?
I don't know where to begin. "Secure borders, build the wall, and America first" aren't even old-school Republican values, much less Democratic ones. "America first" was out of favor in both parties for decades (most of the Freepers enthusiastically celebrated the Iraq War until it went south).

And where does pjd get the notion that a Trump clone "would easily sweep the Democrat primaries"? Are these the same folks who think JFK Jr. is alive and a MAGA conservative?

The respondents are skeptical, because they know that Democrats today are all card-carrying communists who reject God and are in thrall to George Soros:
It is my experience that all Democrats who sincerely think that way become GOP or Indy. Their party is now the Communist Party and according to the 1954 laws still on the books must be disbanded.


Dems are not interested in saving the world. They are only interested in having absolute ruling power over the world, once they are done destroying it.


They need an entire platform demolition and reconstruction, not a mere revamp, if they are to look even like our grandfathers’ Democrats. And one of the necessary things is to do it under the tutelage of Jesus the Carpenter.


a D candidate with the traditional D party values, including defending USA and our allies, protecting our border, supporting or at least respecting normal family values, and ending the current DNC-commie-Nazi hatred of Christians and Jewish people...

such a person could easily win almost any election

but such a person would be against everything that SorozNazi wants (and why he purchased the DNC)
so I doubt seriously that any such person with normal D party values... could possibly get past Soroz to get the nomination.


No one like that exists.

Even if there was such a person, they would likely be subjected to immediate controlling measures, such as blackmail or the murder of themselves and their family members if they dare go against what the handlers order them to do. Democrat party gotta keep the corruption going, and the money rolling in. (See: Clintons).
Besides, some combination of Antifa violence and "investigate the investigators" will soon send the "Democrat Party" into oblivion:
Establishment Democrats are too corrupt and too used to pandering to possibly figure this out. Trump is trying, but he is constrained by law, the enemies of America and of civilized Americans are not so constrained. We are rapidly heading toward an untenable situation: armed insurrection by the Antifa terrorists.

The only saving grace I can see is that the tipping point into deadly violence will so confound and degrade support for any Democrat, that they will lose the election, and that law enforcement can regain control in the “Blue” sewers of Progressivism that are burdening our nation today. I do not see a sudden return to sanity, without a lot of criminal violence on the part of the Left.

I do hope that the coming revelations regarding the vast extent of corruption and abuse of power we have seen by the Obama cabal will sink any chances for a Democrat win in 2020, and hopefully regain the House to end their idiocy. But, the die is cast, an attempt at violent revolution is in progress. Call me a pessimist if you like. I will gladly admit that I am wrong if events don’t bear out. But, here we are, and there is so much more to come.
And then there's this Freeper:
I have been sick of democrates since I was 10. Not a single democrate have I ever really felt safe talking around. they are all hugs and kisses with everyone until yoi challenge their beliefs, then they come at you with both guns blazing and they bring all their hellish socialist friends guns blazing with them against you. I hated voting for juan Mcrap, and mittins 💩 pants. but it was better than dipshit commie, non citizen, mohamed rot in hell following , anti american , limpwristed, dike marrying, barry sotero.
Yes, let's spend the next sixteen months doing outreach to these folks. That's a great idea.

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