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This is a sad story:
An acclaimed trauma surgeon was found dead with a knife in his torso Sunday in his Park Avenue apartment in a suspected suicide, New York City police said.

Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, was the associate director of the orthopedic trauma service at the Hospital for Special Surgery who treated Bono in 2014 after the U2 frontman was badly injured in a cycling accident in Central Park.

Lorich was also a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

His death is being investigated as an apparent suicide, a New York Police Department official told ABC News.
Now let me inform you that Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft is exploiting this story in order to make people hate the Clintons again. Here's his take:
Doctor Linked to Haiti and Mentioned in Wikileaks Clinton Email Is Found Dead ... After Stabbing Himself in the Chest(?)

An acclaimed New York Trauma surgeon was found dead this week in his apartment.

Police said he stabbed himself in the chest.

They found him on his bathroom floor....

Dr. Lorich was mentioned in the Clinton Wikileaks emails for his work in Haiti.
Hoft reproduces a portion of an email Dr. Lorich sent to fellow surgeons in January 2010 in which he complained of disorganization he witnessed as part of the Haiti relief effort. The email was forwarded to Cheryl Mills, a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton who was then working with her in the State Department, by Michael Posner, an assistant secretary of state. Posner wrote:
This came to me through a doctor friend of Harold's and mine. It is a pretty grim snapshot from a group of doctors ( I think from Mt Sinai hospital in NY) who returned from Haiti late last week.... I was reluctant to send this to you because I know how hard you and many other people have been working to relieve suffering and that you and others are working round the clock. Nonetheless I thought you might be interested in their impressions so I am sending it to you as a data point. Please feel free to share this with others.
Hoft doesn't concern himself with the content of Dr. Lorich's email or the circumstances under which it found its way to WikiLeaks. All that matters to him is that "Dr. Lorich was mentioned" in a Clinton email -- and now he's dead.

Hoft goes on to write:
Earlier this month Steve Mostyn, Democrat mega donor to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, died after “a sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue.”

In July former Haitian government Klaus Eberwein was found dead in a motel room from a gunshot wound to the head.

In August 15, 2016, anti Clinton author Scott Robert Makufka, better known as his penname Victor Thorn, was found dead. Thorn was the author of several anti-Clinton books over the years.

And that’s just the last year of Arkancides.
So there you go: Everyone who's ever had even the remotest connection to the Clintons who eventually dies is a victim of "Arkancide."

I don't know what happened to Dr. Lorich. News reports say that he was in an ongoing legal battle with a former running back for the New York Giants who claimed that he had mishandled a surgical procedure and had thus ended the player's career. I don't know whether that contributed to a suicidal state of mind. It's not my place to speculate.

I know that the law firm of Steve Mostyn has confirmed that he ended his own life and that after his death his widow urged those who are suicidal to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. I know that Klaus Eberwein was found dead, reportedly a suicide, shortly before he was scheduled to testify before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, but online rumors claiming that he was going to testify about misappropriation of funds by the Clinton Foundation are false. I know that the publisher of many of Victor Thorn's books called his death a suicide, and that, for what it's worth, Thorn was much more than an anti-Clinton author:
Victor Thorn [was] a prolific author whose catalog of books includes 2012’s The Holocaust Hoax Exposed ...

“Victor Thorn was a lunatic. He was an addled conspiracy theorist who accused the Clintons of murder, who believes 9/11 was a conspiracy theory,” [Mark] Potok [of the Southern Poverty Law Center] said in a phone interview. He added: “The phrase ‘writer and Clinton researcher’ is unbelievably dishonest. Thorn was akin to being a Nazi and was certainly a Nazi apologist.”

Thorn published many of his titles through American Free Press (AFP), a weekly newspaper originally published by Willis Carto, whom the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) described in an email to the Daily Dot as a “long-time anti-Semite and Holo­caust denier.”
Thorn courted controversy and trafficked in conspiratorial nonsense, but the survivors of the other deaths don't deserve to have meddlesome paranoiacs intruding on their grief.

I don't think Jim Hoft does this because he's -- all together now, kids -- the Stupidest Man on the Internet. I think he does it because he has no morality other than winning at all costs on behalf of his political tribe. That's reprehensible.

Hoft published his piece yesterday, the day before the fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, which has inspired the lowest forms of human life to claim that the dead victims aren't really dead and were actually "crisis actors" putting on a show so Obamahitler could take all of America's guns. (And yes, those people are still at it.) Hoft is no better than these people -- and the fact that his post got 247 comments suggests that he's doing a pretty good job of injecting poison into the culture.

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