Thursday, December 07, 2017


Al Franken announced today that he's resigning from the Senate, after most of his Democratic colleagues asked him to step down yesterday. News of the impending resignation was greeted by Laura Ingraham and Newt Gingrich with horror last night on Ingraham's Fox News show:
In her opening monologue, Laura Ingraham cautioned her viewers before they joined the pile-on with dozens of Senate Democrats who have called on Franken to resign because it is all a “political calculation” ....

She explained that Democrats “only have two paths” if they wanted to destroy his presidency: one being the Robert Mueller investigation and the other being the “war on women.” And they determined that it’s worth throwing Franken and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) “overboard” in order to “save the political Titanic that is their party” in order to drive Roy Moore out of office if he wins the Senate race and to ultimately impeach Trump....

“So I’ll tell you this tonight, be weary of the lynch mob you join today,” Ingraham continued. “Because tomorrow, it could be coming for your husband, your brother, your son, and yes, even your president.”
Right -- we're just coming for random right-wing men farting into their Barcaloungers while they watch Fox. That's how evil we are.
She had on Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who agreed with her that the avalanche of Democrats speaking out against Franken were a “lynch mob” that would rather “feel pure” than allow due process....

“These are people who grew up in a party which used to preach free love, which used to think that all of the hippiedom was wonderful, who used to think they were somehow representing the future,” Gingrich elaborated. “And now they have suddenly curled into this weird puritanism which feels a compulsion to go out and lynch people without a trial.”
It will not surprise you at all to learn that two months ago Gingrich thought Democrats were a vicious mob because we had failed to do anything about Harvey Weinstein. Here was Gingrich in conversation with Sean Hannity:
NEWT GINGRICH: If Hillary [Clinton] had won, [Weinstein] would not be a story -- they would have smothered it because it so directly brings up Bill and Hillary.

And so, in that sense, this is a story that could only emerge when we have someone new in the White House....

What gets to people like you and me, and most of our audience is that the Left is determined to say that they are morally superior. And that is what makes their -- they have to come in and say, whatever the topic is, you're a bad person. Not just you disagree because you're a conservative, but you're a bad person. They come up with all these nasty big terms....

HANNITY: Do you think these people, deep down in their hearts, know how hypocritical they are?

GINGRICH: No. That is what is frightening. These people are totalitarians. These are the people that Orwell wrote 1984 about. These are people who believe sincerely in their right to crush you...

These people are people who would destroy you, not just you Sean Hannity. Any conservative. Anyone on a college campus who speaks inappropriately.
So Democrats were hypocritical fascists when we took money from Weinstein, then we allowed him to be exposed when he was no longer needed to back Hillary Clinton (even though I'm pretty sure the party will run other candidates who'll need money in future races) -- and now we're pushing Franken and Conyers out, but we're still fascists. Denouncing someone without due process is fascist -- except please note that even Harvey Weinstein hasn't had a jury trial, which hasn't prevented any conservative from denouncing him (or non-conservative, of course).

Republican voters are used to taking marching orders from Fox, so they'll segue effortlessly from "Only libs are sexual predators!" to "All this talk about sexual predators is a sneaky attack on Saint Trump!" But I don't think the rest of America will be fooled. What scares Gingrich and Ingraham is that we're serious about this. They know we've got the high ground now. They know their position is untenable. They know Republicans will be haunted by questions about sexual predation for as long as Roy Moore and Donald Trump hold office.

We're being told that pushing out Franken and Conyers was "unilateral disarmament" on the Democrats' part. But Republicans wouldn't be trying so hard to change the narrative if they thought this was a win for them.

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