Friday, November 10, 2017


A gentleman named Carroll Bryant got a lot of people's attention when he posted this on Twitter:

Bryant deleted the tweet, but followed up with a blog post:
The whole premise of my remark was in the context of "if I had to choose between one or the other" for public office then I would choose the pedophile over the socialist because there should never be a socialist holding public office in a free country like America. America is home of the free and not home of the socialist. And pretty much, the only things I hate in life are socialists, communists, terrorists, and fascists. You get the picture.
There are men who brutally rape very young children for years and years. Bryant apparently doesn't hate them. He hates Bernie Sanders instead.

But go on, sir:

I can't be a republican because I do not believe in god. I can't be a democrat because I am not a POS socialist. So, all I can be is an Independent....

Some of these left wing nut-jobs are also saying that I support child molestation. This is not true, and I never did say that. All I said was that if I had to choose between a pedophile or a democrat / socialist, that I would vote for the pedophile.

It doesn't mean I support child molestation nor that I even support pedophiles. If you give me a choice between voting for a murderer and a democrat then I would vote for the murderer. Anything is better than voting for a socialist. I would never, ever, under any circumstance, vote for a democrat. PERIOD!
Bryant goes on to write that Democrats "have a built-in 'bully' gene that allows them to attack people at will on the internet" -- because, of course, no conservative or INDEPENDENT has ever bullied anyone on the Internet -- and he writes this abour Democrats:
Their lies are constant, and their evil is only equal to that of an ISIS terrorist or pretty much any terrorist really. In fact, I have mentioned in an earlier post that it is my belief that democrats are the ISIS of America. They are terrorists. My being attacked by them on Twitter is just another one of those pieces of evidence that proves that they are.
Beheading people who don't swear allegiance to an extremist interpretation of Islam? Mocking people on Twitter? Yeah, pretty much the same thing.

Bryant may be an INDEPENDENT but, in response to a blog comment (from me), he explains that he's really not much of a voter at all:
I voted four times in my life. 1) Reagan. 2) Perot. 3) Bill Clinton. 4) Trump.

I have never been listed as anything else other than independent. I voted my conscience every time except for Reagan. (It was the first time I was allowed to vote and I voted for whom my mother voted for because I wasn't educated enough at the time to really care.)

I have always leaned left though because back when I turned 18, democrats were actually kind of cool. They have changed completely since then, and mostly over the past 15 years.
But he's clearly internalized a lot of right-wing arguments about Democrats -- and I think we need to ask ourselves how many voters in America literally would vote for a murderer, rapist, or child molester rather than any Democrat because all Democrats are evil. On this subject, let's also hear from Erick Erickson:
I really don’t blame Roy Moore’s voters for sticking with him....

... just this past Sunday a militant atheist shot up a church in Texas, killing about half the congregation....

And many on the left on social media attacked the congregants of the church....
I don't know who did that -- I missed it -- but go on, Erick:
A week before, a Muslim ran over a bunch of people in New York while Democrats were patting themselves on the back for showing Trump voters running over muslim kids on television.

A few weeks before that, a CBS lawyer lost her job for mocking the dead in Las Vegas that they deserved what they got after a mass shooting, the motive behind which is still unknown.

While all of this is going on, a cake baker is headed to the Supreme Court because he had the audacity to bake a cake for a gay wedding, but he would not do all the decorations the gay couple wanted. So the baker got compared to a Nazi. He will join a florist at the Court who is being put out of business because despite having gay clients, she won’t provide flowers for gay weddings.

People are being harassed for refusing to cheer on men with mental illness who think they are women and the left thinks people in Alabama should have to let men use the ladies’ bathroom. The left is openly counting the days before churches can have their tax exempt status revoked for not embracing gay marriage. Christian private schools will be the first targets. The media on a near weekly basis runs stories that paint culturally conservative voters in a negative light, often distorting basic facts for the sake of narrative....

I don’t blame the Roy Moore voters for thinking people are out to get them because people really are out to get them.
Sharing a public restroom with someone transgender justifies electing a pedophile -- or, I suppose, a murderer.

How many Americans feel this way? How many feel this way about Republicans? This feels like the sort of cheeky but genuinely revealing question that Public Policy Polling likes to add to its surveys. How about it, PPP? In your next poll, would you please ask how many Americans would vote for a pedophile or a murderer rather than a Democrat? Or a Republican?


CHEAP SHOT: I'm going to prove that I'm as bad as an ISIS terrorist by posting some of Carroll Bryant's worst poems-slash-song lyrics. Here's an excerpt from "The Unserious Ones," which was written when Barack Obama was president:
This is not a world for the unserious ones
This is my world
The united states of confusion
I would wish a president would give me back my freedoms
Give me back my power
Here inside my head

I am but a hostage to my government
Their guns are on my children
For this air, I'm paying rent
I can't believe the sodomy of our politics
Split right down the middle
For this pain, I can't submit
Here's a bit of "Aneurysm":
I'm falling apart once again
Crazy in the brain
An aneurysm, baby, and you are to blame
That's the name of the game
You're breaking me down in the middle of the rain

A nidus for clot formation
Thrombosis and embolization
It's a hereditary state of condition
My father was found dead from it
A bleeding remission

Women of the world holding the power
Male aorta's getting devoured
Sex is only for the beasts to enjoy it
And this is from "Vampire Love (Bat Shit Crazy)":
Bat shit crazy
You're a nymphomatic lady
You never can seem to get enough
Bat shit crazy
You're my kind of baby
Hunting for blood with a Vampire love

You need an incubus just to crunch
Two demons of the same type of sexual spirits

Crave the hard touch and desperate lust
It gets you higher than regular cannabis

And when the moment comes
You're just a cunt with one kind of blunt
I have no words.

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