Monday, August 07, 2017


Axios's Jonathan Swan reports that President Trump is very serious about getting the wall started, but Congress isn't prepared to fund it:
Marc Short, the White House director of legislative affairs, says the Trump administration has clear expectations for the fall: "We get tax reform and we also complete funding of the government which includes rebuilding of the military and securing our border." (Read: the wall.)

Sources inside and close to Republican Hill leadership, however, are privately less sanguine....

No one sees Trump's wall getting much more than a symbolic nod, which is sure to anger Trump and the Bannon faction, and could lead to a shutdown.

... sources close to Trump say he's dead serious about building an impressive wall and will go crazy when he realizes Congress has no plans to pay for it.
Obviously, Democrats should oppose any tax outlays for the wall. But I think they should propose an alternative way to fund it.

Democrats should say: You want to build a wall, Mr. President? Then the Trump Organization should put up the money. What's the risk? It's a huge, successful company, isn't it? We haven't seen the tax returns so we don't know for sure, but we've been told how huge and successful it is so many times that it must be true -- right? So the company has to be rich enough to fund the wall. And what could go wrong? We've been guaranteed that Mexico will reimburse the cost, so ultimately the Trump Organization won't pay a dime. Right?

Put it out there. Dare Trump to fund it himself, or explain why not.

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