Monday, December 12, 2016


DNAinfo reports:
EAST VILLAGE -- Con Edison has slammed a row of East Ninth Street buildings owned by Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's son-in-law, with notices threatening to shut off service because Kushner's company failed to pay hundreds of dollars in electric bills.

Kushner's company, Westminster Management, has let $700.47 in unpaid electric bills pile up, according to a service turn-off notice delivered to the row of buildings spanning 329-335 E. Ninth St., and never paid a $525 security deposit.

The company must pay up within the coming weeks to avoid a service turn-off, according to the notice....

A representative of Westminster Management said the company was in the midst of transitioning the management of utility payments to a different company, likely causing a delay in payments, and added that the bill had been paid on Monday.

However, Con Edison's phone system showed the payment was still past due as of Monday evening.
This is not the first time Kushner has been less than a model landlord:
Kushner has previously come under fire from tenants of the row of buildings between Second and First avenues for nightmarish conditions stemming from construction.

Several tenants of 331 E. Ninth St. withheld rent when collapsing ceilings and other conditions made their apartment unlivable....
Kushner is worth $200 million and runs his family's real estate business, which has spent at least $7 billion on real estate in New York in the past decade, including the purchase of 666 Fifth Avenue for $1.8 billion in 2007. At the time that was the most expensive single-property purchase in American history.

The East Village buildings where Kushner is stiffing the electric company are not quite at that rarefied level:

I pay my Con Ed bill every month. I paid it every month thirty years ago, when I had a lot less money and lived in a building a couple of blocks away from the one in that photo that was just as crummy-looking.

C'mon, Jared -- what's your problem?


Jimbo said...

He's clearly imitating his father-in-law's modeling of the deadbeat that stiffs his suppliers/contractors. This is often the case for rich people - bastards to the core.

Never Ben Better said...

Once a slumlord, always a slumlord.

Victor said...

I wonder if you and I didn't bump into one another back in the early-mid 80's?
I was dating a beautiful Ukrainian girl - she lived just about 2 doors closer to 1st Ave than this dump in the photo - and I tended bar at Lys Mykyta, a bar on 2nd Ave, right next to The Kiev, in '83 and '84.

As for Jared, well, 'the rich are very diferent from you and I.'
If WE don't pay Con Ed, WE'RE out of electricity.
If scumbag-slumlord Jared doesn't pay, some oher poorer soul sits in the dark!

When's the revolution?
I can't fight, and I can't run, but I can serve as canon-fodder while others do one or the other.

Steve M. said...

Yes, you might have seen me there, Victor -- I think I went to the downstairs bars on 7th Street more often (Verkhovyna was one, and the other was the Gold Star, I think), but I'm sure I went to Lys Mykyta, too. Seems like a million years ago now.

pluky said...

This is a common ploy of landlords who want to do something else with a building, or the lot it sits on. Mess with the utilities until all the tenants get fed up and move.