Wednesday, November 16, 2016


News organizations are reporting that the Trump transition is a disaster, run by score-settlers who otherwise have no idea what they're doing.
President-elect Donald J. Trump’s transition was in disarray on Tuesday, marked by firings, infighting and revelations that American allies were blindly dialing in to Trump Tower to try to reach the soon-to-be-leader of the free world.
But are Trump voters feeling buyer's remorse? Nahhh. They're 100% certain that Dear Leader knows exactly what he's doing.

At Reddit's The_Donald, all the reassurance the commenters need comes from this tweet:

The Redditors write:
This is why he has to keep his twitter. He has to keep us informed directly.


This man knows what he doing. All the Cabinet concern trolls can go smoke a pole.


In other words, he is doing dozens of interviews as a good CEO should, and the press doesn't have a clue who he is going to pick.


I trust you Mr. President-elect! I may not understand everything you do, but I know you have America and her citizens' best interests at heart!


Trump has a history of picking the absolute best people for the job. I trust his judgment 100%.


Supreme Chancellor!!
At Free Republic, there's this in response to the New York Times story about the disarray:
Actually, regarding the transition, the only thing in "disarray" is the mayhem, chaos, fear and loathing, of thousands of complicit bureaucRATs, freaking out and running for their lives.


Decisive Leadership from Trump immediately clearing out low performers is precisely how the productive sector builds winning teams.


we are going to get so tired of winning


No one at the Slimes understands how real-world professional organizations operate; hence they cannot comprehend what Trump is doing. The less they understand, the more Trump will get done.
Conservatives believe in strongmen. Above all, it's about the Supreme Leader. They voted for Trump not because they think he's a good businessman, but because they think he's the best businessman ever. That's what they were told for fourteen seasons on The Apprentice. They think he's in charge of the transition, therefore it must work, by definition.

Conservatives don't believe in government. They don't see the point of the government bureaucracy, although they hope that many domestic-policy agencies will be staffed in a way that thwarts the agencies' stated purposes. Mostly, however, they just believe that it's all a big, unnecessary encumbrance. (Sometimes I think this is because many of them aren't big-city office workers. They've never been part of a large white-collar organization. They distrust such organizations and have no interest in understanding them. That last Freeper claims to know "how real-world professional organizations operate," which tells me he's not speaking from much experience inside a big company or similar large-size bureaucracy.)

Generally speaking, they want government to fail. (They forget sometimes that the military and law enforcement, which they like, are part of government.) For the most part, they probably like the idea that the works are being gummed up. That's what should happen.

So, no, this isn't bothering them a bit.


Buford said...

Nothing to worry about...Putin has a plan............

Yastreblyansky said...

Not to Godwin, but I only know of one country where the head of government is called a "chancellor", and only one German government where the chancellor liked to be thought of as "supreme".

No wait, Senator Palpatine of the Galactic Republic made it to Supreme Chancellor, before he went for Emperor. That's a nice example for Trump to follow.

ploeg said...

To be fair, everyone is jockeying for position now because Trump doesn't have his shit together. Not all the smoke is being generated by Trump and his crew.

Offered as a thought experiment: if Michigan swings Clinton's way after the recount, that means only 21 Republican electors need to vote for a Clinton/Pence ticket to flip the results without involving Congress. And then congressional Republicans can angrily block everything and run in 2018 on an impeach-and-convict platform. And with luck Trump dues of an aneurysm before 2020, avoiding a primary of President Pence. There are, of course, massive risks involved with such a scenario, and inertia dictates against it. Contrariwise, there are massive risks with letting Trump stay.

Victor said...

P.T. Barnu vastly underestimated the number of suckers born in a certain period of time!

Belvoir said...

News organizations are reporting that the Trump transition is a disaster, run by score-settlers who otherwise have no idea what they're doing.

And I turn on MSNBC today and I kid you not, see the chyron DEMS IN DISARRAY. It was something so trivial as the Dems reorganize, I don't even remember what it was about. There's a nuclear meltdown happening on Trump's transition team, but of course our media have to dust off their beloved DEMS IN DISARRAY tag. Unbelievable.

Feud Turgidson said...

I've been reading up on which the various sacks of Rome this current regime take-over most resembles.

The Visigoths had several runs at Rome leading up to 410, when they gained in entry & ran amuck for 3 days. But they only succeeded in wounding the imperial capital, mostly accepting the gross piles of gold in the imperial treasury and the stripping precious metals and jewels from public displays, while trashing a lot of buildings (mostly large public edifices, religious temples, commodity warehouses, the treasury & markets). Lots of random slaughtering & rapings, maiming & torturing, but it appears only about 10,000 Romans took the brunt of their savagery. IAE Rome was able to largely rebuild in under a generation, and the population loss was mostly incidental, given at any given point in time, Rome had over a million souls in it, three quarters of them citizens or resident slaves.

The 'Big One' was by the Vandals under Geiseric in 455.

Geiseric and his predecessors and relatives had been attacking all over the northern outlying provinces of Rome for a number of years, then moved into the boot & the fun really began, with a number of pitched battles against Rome with mixed success, until they'd decimated all armies more or less loyal to Rome. By then the central Visigoths under Geiseric had been joined by a host of other northern tribal peoples smelling booty, and they joined in with what was at least the third siege of Rome in a matter of a few years, each previous one having the result of further depleting the Roman food stores and weakening the resident population.

In the Third Vandal Siege, Rome followed precedent in offering tribute, including gold & slaves. But Geiseric laughed in the faces of the Imperial emissaries & informed them that he owed his success to specific promises he made to his Norsk gods and his warriors, and that those promises included a sack. So, by Wodin, a sack they were promised, and a sack they would get.

But Geiseric wasn't a total savage: he agreed (he said words, anyway) to direct his warriors to avoid exccessive destruction of public buildings, and to restrict their mayhem, slaughters and other soldierly outrages to particularly designated areas and Roman groups.

And he lived up to his bargain! sort of ...

Rather than slaughter willy nilly, the Vandals gathered up the bulk of able-bodied men & youths of Rome and sent them off to Africa in slave barges. Rather than murder women, the Vandal warriors mostly just raped and maimed them at will. And they only trashed one major public building, a house of worship of a god that apparently chosen by the Vandals to suffer as appeasement to Geiseric's gods' thirst for revenge. But, overall, in contrast with the relatively perfunctory sacking by the Visigoths 45 years earlier, the Vandals' sack otherwise was almost bureaucratically thorough in the removable of commodities, including people. It was conducted something like a forensic audit but with swords & beatings, with anything transportable of even possible value taken away.

I think it's unlikely that this coming sack is most comparable to the Vandals sack of Rome in 455, but there will be sacking, rather more comparable to the Visigoths in 410. If that's all, hey, that's not so bad! Could be worse! We've got that going for us!