Thursday, November 24, 2016

Next year, a White House turkey may pardon himself

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americans. In honor of today's holiday, the President of the United States traditionally
Which twin is the turkey?
pardons two turkeys. 

Presumably, instead of getting their heads sliced off and their chest cavities crammed full of stale bread and spices, they’ll go back to a farm somewhere and gobble happily ever after. Or at least until a big, ominous trailer truck arrives to load up on raw material for the frozen dinner company down the road.

At any rate, the subject of pardons for turkeys got me wondering: Does Donald Trump have a plan to circumvent the law concerning foreign emoluments — not to mention potentially uncountable conflicts of interest — without cooking his own goose?

If Trump goes down the road it seems he wants to travel — keeping his businesses, cutting foreign business deals in the Oval Office, making sure foreign diplomats stay in his hotels, hiding misdeeds behind the privacy of his tax returns, hiring his kids, son-in-law, and maybe even his dog if he can buy one that won’t bite him — how will he get away with his outrageously corrupt behavior?  

And then it occurred to me exactly how he can do it.

It’s simple. The turkey in the Oval Office will simply pardon himself. 

Not to mention that there eventually might be pardons in the offing for all the other foul fowl and free-range birdbrains who suck up to this cluck.

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Unknown said...

As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could pardon themselves. (Oops, I mean fly.)

Arthur (Big Guy) Carlson, Ohio Trump supporter

Tom Hilton said...

I'm hoping Democrats at Sessions' confirmation hearing ask him his opinion about the Emoluments Clause and Trump's violation thereof.

Palolololo said...

I've been asking that question for a week and can't get anyone to answer. Can he pardon himself 1/21/17 for all previous crimes ?

Jimbo said...

The GOP Congress won't challenge him on the emoluments clause, of course nor will racist Jeff Sessions as AG. So, he'll get away with it unless some State Dept IG says, uh, wait a minute. Not betting that will happen. Democrats may raise hell but they have no power anymore.

jsrtheta said...

@Palolololo: He cannot pardon himself for state-level crimes. Otherwise, he can theoretically pardon himself for federal offenses once he's sworn in.