Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The only thing more pathetic than the flat-broke, understaffed, internally squabbling Donald Trump campaign is the Republican Party, which theoretically still has an opportunity to dump him from the ticket, but won't, because anti-Trump forces will never agree on a replacement candidate, and party establishmentarians don't have the guts to stand up to Trumpite intimidation.

I understand that Ted Cruz has second-largest number of Republican delegates, and also loves infighting, which means that he'd put up a huge fight if a Dump Trump movement seemed inclined to go with any other substitute candidate. Well, fine -- in that case, the GOP should just suck it up and go with Cruz, even if much of the party hates him. He'll run on GOP issues, he'll do fundraising and campaign infrastructure building like a normal politician, and so it'll be a much more normal election. Yes, Trump will rant and rave, threaten to sue and threaten to run third party. But don't worry about the latter threat. If Trump doesn't have the infrastructure to run a fall campaign, why would he have the infrastructure to run ballot-access drives in dozens of states? He simply won't be able to do it.

And, no, he won't campaign for Hillary Clinton out of revenge -- he wouldn't embarrass himself by turning on a dime that way. And the worshipers from whom he's getting so much ego gratification now wouldn't follow him there.

As a Democrat, I'm happy knowing that the GOP probably can't get its act together to dump Trump and replace him with someone else. But the party should do it. You guys are crazy if you don't.


petrilli said...


percysowner said...

And, no, he won't campaign for Hillary Clinton out of revenge -- he wouldn't embarrass himself by turning on a dime that way. And the worshipers from whom he's getting so much ego gratification now wouldn't follow him there.

Mr. "We don't call him Lying Ted anymore. Now we like him." won't turn on a dime out of revenge? Maybe he won't, but I can sure understand that the Republican Party can't really rely on that.

Victor said...

We know they're all crazy.
After all, that's how tRUMP ended up where he is today. He tapped into that rich thick vein of crazy, and the GOP doesn't know how to stop him and others from mining it!

Ten Bears said...

What do you mean "he won't campaign for Clinton?" He's already campaigning for Clinton, has been from the start.

ploeg said...

The main worry for the GOP, in the event of a coup, is that Trump will go after whatever GOP congresscritters he can. The GOP doesn't have the White House now and probably won't next year, regardless of what happens, but they have the House and Senate and sure don't want to lose either of them.

They might want to bite the bullet anyway and trust that the favorable 2018 map gives back whatever they lose, but it will be a tough choice.

Ernest Lamonica said...

I disagree. Since Day 1 of Trump I have been saying "Dems should support Trump". He won fair and square and DO NOT DUMP HIM. He is best gift to Dems since Goldwater

Unknown said...

I don't think the party can get rid of him, but a couple smart rich guys could probably buy him off, especially if the work of running for President gets boring. Start a new business venture that he "has to" drop out to run, and you get a new candidate and Trump campaigning for him.

petrilli said...

The Trump phenomenon is just the bile frosting on a GOP 7-layer shit cake. The message from the Democratic opposition should at all levels be that the GOP=Trump. There is no moderate or sane, safe layer in the GOP shit cake. The Cruz layer, shit. The Ryan layer, shit. Kasich, shit. Bush, shit. Romney, Priebus, Brooks, Gingrich layers, Mark Mckinnon No-Labels-"lets all reason together" layer, all poop all the time since 1980. It has been that way for about 30 years now. I believe that message is ripe and ready for prime time. A true backlash is possible, maybe as powerful as the one we suffered in the 80s from conservatives. Remains to be seen if Democratic leadership is smart enough to take it on. I'll leave it to others to determine the proportion of fecal matter to substance contained within the Democratic Party layers in comparison except to opine that it isn't even close enough to ponder seriously this year.

Steve M. said...

a couple smart rich guys could probably buy him off

A lot of people believe this, but I'm very skeptical. He's trying to become the alpha male of all alpha males, and he can't walk away from that, because what opportunity could be greater? Also, he can't have it seem as if he thinks he might lose. (When he does lose, he'll attribute the loss to fraud and sabotage.)

Tom Hilton said...

The other problem with buying him off is that a) the presidency would increase the value of the Trump brand by billions, and b) he thinks he can win. So the absolute minimum price would be Trump's estimate of how much the presidency would add to the value of his brand.

Feud Turgidson said...

Why didn't Trump go deep into that list of reliable GOP election campaign donors the RNC handed out to him? Because Trump already knew their answer.
I've probably been the biggest pusher here of the 'Trump buy-out' idea. But with recent revelations of Trump campaign finances, I now think his CAMPAIGN at least is headed for lonely watery grave at bottom of the ocean as food for the nematodes of political shipwrecks.

If there were even one Daddy Bigbucks out there that holds a nice thought for Trump, we'd see signs of it. Instead, we see zilch - he's being shunned. There's lots of reasons to understand why, NOT LEAST being the 'creative accounting' now made public about Trump setting up his own "contributions" as a DEBT the campaign owes him. If we had originating documents, I have no doubt what's involved is some "A"-priority secured charge on the assets of & revenues incoming into the Trump Campaign - it's how Trump worked with his casino, hotel and resort interests.

Even amoral criminal deviate pervy wanks like Adelman get the heebie jeebies anywhere near Trump. You don't think Trump has had direct contact in the past with Shelly over casino resorts financing? It's too close a business for that not to have happened. I go on: it's OVERWHELMINGLY LIKELY Trump has screwed over the likes of Shelly and Steve Wynn; & you only get one shot with those animals.

So now Trump isn't just personna FO&D with the open collar bent nose types, his supposed PEEPS; he's also totally ticked off the white shoe billionaires to whom Mittens is a mensch (and that's ALL of big media outside of Fox, and we already know about Fox and Trump). Plus, not just the Kochs but their entire affinity circle are closed off to Trump. So, that leaves Wall Street, right? Normally, maybe: but Trump, and Trump's dad before him, have been featured creatures on the NYC scene for decades, and there's no NYC banker or bankster left capable of trusting any Trump.

The impression is that Trump is running a grift. The accounting is totally consistent with that impression. No one else is going to volunteer to potentially being examinated under the inevitable federal agency sunshine the Trump 2016 campaign is headed towards 'enjoying'. This Trump 2016 fiasco will be an Oklahoma- or Texas-sized fracking earthquake disaster, a Canadian Oil Sands City out-of-control firey apocalypse, the most incredible national campaign meltdown ever, to make Alf Landon look like a statesman.

Yastreblyansky said...

a couple smart rich guys could probably buy him off

He's already made his opening bid! ($5 billion.) I think he'll let go for an even billion and naming rights to what will be known as "Trump Party and Republican Golf Resort". That's the Art of the Deal

Yastreblyansky said...

Steve, he'd say it was his plan all along.

Yastreblyansky said...

On Feud's grift hypothesis, see this at LGM. Evidence is mounting.

The most hilarious detail so far is the campaign paid a $35,000 fee to the advertising firm of "Draper Stirling", a name some TV fans might recognize, and whose address is a 15-minute drive from Corey Lewandowski's home town. Whatever Lewandowski may have taken is of course barely coffee money compared to what Trump has been spending on the various Trump enterprises the campaign uses, like Mar-a-Lago and TAG Air, out of money he's "loaned" his campaign which is presumably meant to be reimbursed when Sheldon Adelson or whoever starts ponying up (a technique perfected by Newt Gingrich, as Drifty reminds us).

Yastreblyansky said...

Except as Feud notes Sheldon won't--he knows Trump all too well.

Steve M. said...

If this was all a grift, why didn't he fundraise seriously? Sure, the richies would have given him a wide berth, but he could have soaked the rubes for millions.

Yastreblyansky said...

It wouldn't be *all* a grift (in this hypothetical construction), grifting is just the way he does things he wants to do, like Gingrich only less competently.

He's the weak link. He is a totally terrible businessman. He can bully subordinates but he can't do anything right himself, and the money raising required his close participation. He got bored and irritated with making calls and getting turned down and he just stopped.

I imagine Jared and Ivanka are trying to talk him down and out but they're too frightened of him to push; and he won't listen, yet. I hope they all end up in jail.

Never Ben Better said...

At this point, I'm just hoping he doesn't implode, flame out, collapse like a house of waterlogged cards until after the GOP convention affirms him as their nominee. THEN let the anvils drop.

Feud Turgidson said...

Steve M.: "If this was all a grift, why didn't he fundraise seriously? "

Simple: a FEATURE of he Trump's appeal to "his Trump's" rubes is that he Trump doesn't need their money, he Trump is worth EL KABILLIONS so he can be ABOVE all that. And not asking for money from his Trump's rubes - people who's been hit up for years by the Ronulans and birthers and pro-lifers and other 100% for profit sink-hole right wing causes that he Trump could stand out from the crowd with that appeal.

But the price to be paid, potentially, is steep. And DEEPLY ironic. By not taking money from his beloved underachievers and simpletons, he Trump APPEARS to keep faith with them, but since he Trump has lied about his Trump's new worth and liquidity, it means he has to depend for election campaign funds on the very folks he Trump has been disparaging for months: kochs' folks, Mittens minions. Murdoch orcs, casino mobsters, banksters, Chambers types. He Trump has SCREWED himself.

Only way out of this problem is you protate yourself in abject surrender. So what is the track record of he Trump in doing that - say, with bankruptcy trustees, bankruptcy court judges and judges in general? .... NOT SO ENCOURAGING on either the abject or giving up parts. This f***ing Trump guy, if someone could corner him Trump on his Trump's attitude to God or Baby Jeeebus, I think you see him talking limited joint venture at most, with him controlling all the books.

'But Donald, surely you realize We are Omnipotent - We see all, We know all'
'Then you and your kid both don't need me giving up the books, right G-man?'
'Our concern is not so much with what they OUGHT to say, as with what they DO sat and how you Donald portray then to others lacking Our omniscience.'
'You calling me a LIAR? You getting a letter from my lawyer, your bubship.'

Ten Bears said...

I get a good chuckle at the thought of all that inherited wealth redistributed.

Ten Bears said...
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Unknown said...

I don't think the party can get rid of him, but a couple smart rich guys could probably buy him off, especially if the work of running for President gets boring. Start a new business venture that he "has to" drop out to run, and you get a new candidate and Trump campaigning for him.

Feud Turgidson said...

Unk, see MY point is that he Trump might well have had that opportunity earlier this year, but in enhancing his nom chances he turned himself too toxic to touch, so he BLEW his big chance to cash in, and how he's stuck with riding the mighty steed of passion as it leaps into the blazing pit.

That ego-duster on his pate's gonna suffer some heat damage.

Yastreblyansky said...

Mea culpa:

My theory on how Trump could get donors to pay back the loans he's making to his campaign was completely wrong. He would have to do it $2700 at a time, just like everything else. Sorry about the useless disinformation.

aimai said...

I think Trump could drop out, if the price was right. No one needs to wonder how such a stupdendous ego could drop out--the trick about people like Trump (real narcissists) is that they are experts, in their own mind, at finding ways to rationalize their own mistakes and failings. Trump can find a way to make other people responsible for his dropping out, or to make up a story which satisfies him about how he is following a higher calling in dropping out. So, on the one hand, you have a guy who is pathologically afraid of being shown not to measure up (hands, penis, money, wives) but who has also spent a lifetime making his obvious flaws seem like grandeur, at least to himself. I think he can find a way to drop out. And he will if the pain of losing to Clinton looks like more than he can bear. But if he makes up his mind that he is going to run a campaign he can brag about even if he loses--if he finds a way to transfer the shame of losing to someone else, or the republican party--I think he'll stay in.

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