Friday, June 24, 2016


Britain has voted to leave the European Union, and American right-wing populists and Trumpites are acting as if they won:

The Trump tweet is particularly idiotic:

And Scotland wants the referendum in part because it wants to stay in the EU:
Scotland's government began moves Friday to hold a new referendum on independence from the U.K. after the "Brexit" vote, saying it faced being taken out of the European Union against its will.

First Minister and Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon said officials would plan for a "highly likely" vote on separation from the rest of the U.K....

"We've got a united country in Scotland which wants to be part of Europe, and in the manifesto it said if Scotland was dragged out of Europe against the will of the Scottish people, then the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another independence referendum," said Sturgeon's predecessor, Alex Salmond.
I don't know how all this will affect the U.S. election. The average American is barely aware of what goes on overseas, unless there's a terrorist attack in a majority-white country, so this isn't visceral for most Americans. It's possible that whatever chaos ensues in the next few months is going to make more temperate American voters fearful of voting for a candidate who courts chaos here. But we'll see.


Dave Pickering said...

David Cameron just resigned as PM and the Pound just hit a 30-year low. If this keeps up, Brits may soon be looking at the Greek economy with envy.

Danp said...

Yeah, but now we can all afford to play at Trump's golf courses. Isn't that the important part? Haggis for all!

Victor said...

England has plenty of its own mini-tRUMP's and followers.
And they allowed the people to vote for nationalism, over European economic security.

I can understand the appeal of "Brexit" to the the people of the (No Longer) United Kingdom (Queendom? For now, at least...).
But I'm not sure the repercussions were explained to them. Now, no more merry little trips to the European mainland - at least, not without passports and visa's.
And England's economy isn't exactly booming - which, I'm sure affected the vote.

"Brexit," was England's version of "Murka First!"

I don't know what else to say, since I'm pretty much speechless.
I'll just add this:
The results of this "Brexit" vote, explain why our Founding Fathers chose a REPRESENTATIVE democracy, instead of a true democracy of the majority of voters, rules.
The majority of voters in all countries, are fucking imbeciles - and that include me, may I add.
And it's often not democratic, it's 'mob rule.'

Wait a few days, and see how things shake-up, or shake-down, and then, after the repercussions, stick a few dollars (or pounds) in investing. The market's have been over-inflated for years. Wait, and you can buy low, and hopefully, sell higher.
But, wtf do I know?

Feud Turgidson said...

I feel like I felt watching as we invaded Iraq: sick in every organ and feeling. I feel less angry about this than I did at the SCOTUS installing Dubya as president because that really meant that in ways that matter, the fix is really fucking in, and because that was an internecine outrage; this Brexit thing is the cousins doing stupid cruel shit to each other. I feel more a sense of foreboding than when Reagan won because I was still young enough to envision gutting out the Rule of Teh Stoopid after 4 years (or 4 more) and having time, energy and incentive to shovel out the crap and start anew. I recall feeling quite different when Nixon got in, because I was still a teen and the sonofabitch was so obviously a fucking crook and a weirdo, how could he possibly make it thru 2 terms (oh man: it was so sweet watching the Watergate hearings knowing all any congress critter or judge or pundit had to do wa assume Nixon and his people did the most obviously Nixonian thing then ask the obvious question and watch their toad minds squirm.

Maybe it's because not just that I've seen this level of stoopid before but also because I'm now of an age where long run optimism is less obviously the best policy. I was far too young to have listened on by radio and read of Germany invading Poland, but I can see now the POV of my grandparents, so recently already having beaten those sonsabitches and having to do it again only things were even worse.

Fuck Farange with a rusted out farm implement, fuck Boris Johnon worse than that, and fuck all you Brit toads I'm partly related to, you monstrously silly bigots you. So far as I know I have no Scots roots, but I've been there and felt with them and today I am Scottish and nodding in agreement that we've got to get the hell out and away from these self-destructive drunks.

Feud Turgidson said...

DavidPickering, for a whole bunch of reasons, that's not even remotely funny. The dynamics are far, far different, and the amount of damage England leaving <- NOTE I SAY ENGLAND, NOT U.K. - to the EU, to European peace, order, good governance, stability, progress and the ability to do as well as possible economically, and to themselves - is of an entirely difference character and order. Go read Juan Cole's Informed Comment blog and hopefully you'll stop posting such inane things.

Ten Bears said...

Trumpettes. Trumpite lend too much emphasis to the "I", to the individual. Trumpette much more accurately describes the herd Radio City Music Hall "can-can" dancer little hands cry-baby punks that are the Trumpettes.

Ten Bears said...
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Unknown said...

This vote will hit the British who live in the EU and the Europeans living in the UK. Will also stop my brother-in-law's frequent trips to France buying large quantities of wine.

jsrtheta said...

Aside from maybe exploiting the weakness of the pound by going on a book buying spree, there is little upside here.

This was a peculiarly English move that will probably drive Scotland, and maybe Northern Ireland, out of the U.K. (Hell, throw Wales in, too.) Farage and Johnson relied, in part, of a British nationalist streak that recalls Oswald Mosley at its worst. I certainly am not saying that the largely baby boom voters who caused this are fascists, but they have also not covered themselves in glory.

There are nationalist and anti-immigration motives behind this vote. Britain has a horrible record of immigrant-bashing, especially with regard to Pakistanis, And, unlike the U.S., it does not have any heritage of assimilation, as it was not built by immigrants the way we were.

I do expect buyer's remorse, and soon, as the pound continues to fall and prices continue to rise.

Oh, and turnout by millenials, who overwhelmingly favored "Remain" over "Leave," was disappointingly low. Wonder if there isn't a lesson there?

KenRight said...

I notice the concern here isn't at all whether England will ultimately institute a conservative socialistic economy; oh, no, such things aren't at all the concern among the regressive center.

Turgidson, would you like to reflect on the ramifications if you see any, from the fact that while you were feeling similarly sick about the invasion of Iraq, Clinton was, after lying about its circumstances, confidently exuding in the righteousness and quickly coming victory therein?

Feud Turgidson said...

KenyRight, oh how fracking clever, having an air cookie.

WTF is even your point anymore? Here's what might help you get over your freaking problem:

Go to a bridge, preferably an older one, definitely with a pedestrian pathway. Now, walk out onto the bridge until there's no land directly under where you are on the bridge, just running water. Stand for a while on the edge of the pathway and look down at all that water that's running. Now consider how long that water's been running under that bridge. Then, if you still can't get over what the only viable and responsible candidate for president still in this goofy contest said and did over a decade ago in the context of a national centrist as well as right wing freak-out fever to go after the regime that the decided majority of the nation was at that time convinced was behind 9/11, just jump.

It'd be one thing if EVERYONE DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW what you've 'pointed out' here. But this other thing you're up to now is annoying, boring, pointless, tedious, tiresome and, by now, completely pointlessly tendentious.

Again: WFT is your POINT here: Vote Trump? Stop being such a baby.