Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Least surprising news imaginable, from The Hill:
Tea Partyers have learned to play nice after a cycle of knockdown, drag-out fights with the Republican establishment that have gotten them nowhere.

Sensing a GOP majority in the Senate is within reach, conservative groups have put down their bombs and are working together with establishment actors to make that happen -- even backing formerly sworn enemies in some races.

In New Hampshire, Tea Party Patriots (TPP) has launched a ground effort to help elect Republican Scott Brown, who has drawn the ire of conservatives for backing stricter gun control in some cases. In North Carolina, TPP and others are actively supporting Republican Thom Tillis, who was far from being the conservative pick in his primary. He faces Sen. Kay Hagan (D).

The Tea Party Express (TPE) is now actively backing Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) -- little liked among Tea Partyers -- and former South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds (R), for Senate.

At the very least, Tea Partyers are showing a willingness to "hold their nose and vote," as FreedomWorks Executive Vice President Adam Brandon put it, because of the understanding that a Republican-controlled Senate with some impurities is better than nothing at all.

"Our members have told us that right now, having a Republican-controlled Senate and firing [Majority Leader] Harry Reid (D-Nev.) are their top priority," Jenny Beth Martin, TPP president, told The Hill....
What did I tell you a year ago?
Trust me, these folks are going to work this out. First of all, crazy-base disappointment with the GOP is not exactly new. Crazy-base voters thought John McCain was a pathetic RINO. Did they bolt for a third party? No. They felt the same way in 2012 about Mitt Romney. Did they bolt then? No. They never bolt, because they hate liberals, Democrats, and the Democratic voter base as they perceive it (i.e., non-white moochers) far more than they hate one another.
They fall in line -- and they vote. They vote every time.

Republicans have found their sweet spot -- establishment figures are (or eventually learn to become) just like teabaggers except on issues that become embarrassing to the GOP in polite circles, like shutting down the government and playing games with the debt ceiling, while the teabaggers stay pure on everything. The chattering classes think teabaggery has been tamed and the Republican Party is now reasonable, and the teabaggers themselves see that they're succeeding in dragging the party even further to the right. And on Election Day, it all comes together -- until the Democratic base gets a clue and learns to turn out in non-presidential years. But when will that ever happen?

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"Rinse and repeat," since 1964.