Thursday, October 09, 2014


The latest Ebola scare, I learn from our pals at Breitbart, is in the land Down Under. The Australian reports:
AN Australian nurse is in hospital in Cairns with suspected Ebola symptoms.

Sue Ellen Kovack, 57, who has been working with the Red Cross in Sierra Leone with Ebola victims, returned home only on Tuesday and had been monitoring her health.

She developed a low grade fever this morning, contacted authorities and was admitted to hospital as a precautionary measure.

Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said the nurse was not otherwise ill. But the case was being treated as suspected Ebola and is currently being assessed by disease specialists at Cairns hospital....
Wait -- I thought countries that allowed people to travel freely in and out of West Africa were run by left-wing traitors who want their own citizens to die. Didn't Rush Limbaugh tell us that President Obama wants Americans to become infected with Ebola as payback for slavery?

Australia's prime minister is Tony Abbott. He's conservative -- in fact, the headline of an American Spectator article about him earlier this year was: "Finally, a Conservative Leader: Tony Abbott is the real thing like no one since Margaret Thatcher." Rupert Murdoch praises Abbott. Abbott scrapped Australia's carbon tax a few months ago.

If a guy that conservative won't stop travel to and from West Africa -- or even mandate a three-week government-supervised quarantine for anyone traveling from affected countries, as some politicians are demanding -- what's he seeking payback for? The treatment of Aborigines?

And it's not as if this is an unexpected problem -- Australia's first Ebola scare was a month ago. But the government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade merely recommends that travelers to affected countries reconsider their plans, adding, "Should you decide to travel to these countries despite our advice, we strongly recommend that you register your travel plans with us, and subscribe to free bulletin and travel advice updates so we can keep you informed." Register travel with the government? Socialism!

President Obama continues to get grief for saying that ISIS is not Islamic, even though Britain's Tory prime minister, David Cameron, says the same thing. Now Obama is on the defensive for a travel policy that's very similar to the one in a country with a conservative head of state who's a rising right-wing star.

Welcome to the Obama Rules. When he does something, it's unacceptable, no matter who else is doing the same thing.


UPDATE: The nurse doesn't have Ebola.


mlbxxxxxx said...

"When he does something, it's unacceptable, no matter who else is doing the same thing."

It's been that way since the beginning. Seems like that would, or could, free the admin to do what needs to be done without trying to calibrate for rightwing approval that will never come. But it doesn't. Weird.

p.s. I realize they can't endanger the fucking bluedogs, but still I think we've missed some opportunities to give the right something substantial to whine about.

Victor said...

Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Obama could give the same speech, and conservatives and our cowardly, compliant, and complicit MSM would laud the former, and criticize the latter.

Reagan and Thatcher could do no wrong.
Obama, can do no "right."


Ken_L said...

Australians are pussies. They're not even allowed to own guns. I expect Abbott is a secret Muslim.