Monday, May 12, 2014


You get a 404 now when you go to this Atlas Shrugged post, but here's the cached version:

There used to similar post up at FrontPage Magazine, but that one's gone, too. The post at Bare Naked Islam is still up, however, sourcing the FrontPage story:
A justice of the peace of Messina (Sicily) has sentenced three girls to pay a criminal fine of € 2,582 ($3,549) each for having worn a bikini in a private beach of the well-known tourist resort of Taormina, attended among others by some Muslim families on holiday in Italy and originating from Saudi Arabia....
If you poke around, you find that everyone posting this story is sourcing it to what seems to be a straight-news site in Italy (this link and subsequent links are to Google translations) -- but we learn here and here that the story comes from Corriere del mattino, a purveyor of "CLEARLY fake news." Oops.

Geller, of course, is still regarded as a respectable commentator by Fox News.


Ten Bears said...

Bathing suit envy: bimbo wishes she could look that good in a bathing suit.

If the Jew "Christian" Muslim Mormon Cult of Male Domination had its way we'd all be living under Sharia Law, and Atlas Jugs wouldn't even be allowed to show her face, or boobs, in public, let alone spew her effluent.

No fear.

Victor said...

I'm sure sPam us wearing a short skirt along with that plunging neckline, for FOX's old white male target audience.

Excuse me... I think I'm going to be sick.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ten Bears, Gellar's site used to feature "cheesecake" shots of her in a bikini advertising win a lunch date with Pamela.

And I think the applleation Atlas Tugs is more apropos.

Ten Bears said...

Fourteen point three seven pounds per square inch.