Saturday, May 24, 2014


You may already know about this:
Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown revealed new details about Friday night's drive by shootings in Isla Vista during a Saturday morning news conference, including a new death toll and a possible link to an ominous YouTube video....

Witnesses described seeing a black BMW speeding through the streets, spraying bullets at people and various targets....

Deputies found the suspect inside the BMW dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Brown said he did not know if the suspect was shot and killed by deputies or if the wound was self-inflicted....

In total, the sheriff confirmed seven people were killed, including the gunman; seven others are hospitalized either with gunshot wounds or traumatic injuries -- one with life-threatening injuries; there are nine separate crime scenes....

Word on the street quickly spread about an ominous YouTube video posted by a young man who identified himself as Elliot Rodger, titled "Retribution." The nearly seven minute long rant blasts women who've ignored or rejected him over the past eight years and warns that he will "punish you all for it."...
I'll post that video below, though I wonder if it'll be taken down soon. In fact, it's one of several videos posted Rodger on the same subject, many of them yesterday. In addition to "Elliot Rodger's Retribution," there's also "My reaction to seeing a young couple at the beach, Envy," as well as "Life is so unfair because girls dont want me" and "Why do girls hate me so much?" Rodger's black BMW is featured in many of these videos. (UPDATE: "Retribution" is gone from Rodger's YouTube page, but the other videos, oddly, are still up there -- the links still work. I've substituted the LiveLeak version of "Retribution.")

Rodger is the son of Peter Rodger, a filmmaker best known as the director of a documentary called Oh My God, which is an attempt to answer the question "What is God?" (Among the experts consulted in the film are Ringo Starr, Seal, snd Hugh Jackman.) Rodger was also an assistant director on The Hunger Games. In addition, he's a photographer whose work includes arty nudes.

I know what the NRA crowd is going to say about this: Nine separate crime scenes? In California, a gun control state? That's what you get when there isn't a good man with a gun around. (Right, because it's really easy for a good man with a gun to stop a shooting who's driving around trying to kill people.) The right in general is going to blame Hollyweird. (Because, y'know, there are no incidents of this kind anywhere else in America.)

But after we endure all that, I'm dreading the reaction of Ross Douthat. Now, maybe he'll decide that the story is just too tawdry for a man of his refinement. But if he does weigh in, I fear he'll focus on something Rodger says at about 0:53 in the video above:
I'm 22 years old. I'm still a virgin. I've never even kissed a girl. I've been through college for two and a half years -- more than that, actually -- and I'm still a virgin. It has been very torturous. College is the time when everyone experiences those things such as sex and fun and pleasure. But in those years I've had to rot in loneliness. It's not fair.
Is Douthat going to go there? Is he going to say that we wouldn't have had Elliot Roger cruising around with a gun if there weren't so much of that awful pressure on campus to have sex? Is he going to call for a return to in loco parentis and parietal rules?

But hey, maybe these folks have a point. Maybe we should do as both the gunners and Douthat propose -- we should have a gun free-for-all in all fifty states, and we should bring back a culture of enforced chastity for young people.

Hmmm ... do you think that's the right combination? Do you think there'd be a reduction in the number of suicidal mass murders if we had more weapons, plus increased pressure to maintain sexual purity?

Let me think....


Uncle Mike said...

If someone gets that messed up because he's a virgin, I see only one option: legal brothels.

aimai said...

Dear Uncle Mike:

Brothels are legal in Nevada. Please fuck off and die. Its impossible to believe that the son of a Hollywood macher, with hot and cold running actresses and actress wannabes, couldn't get laid. Its important to remember that when crazy people shoot other people in rage filled, suicidal sprees they are not the best judge of their own situation. Maybe he wanted something he couldn't get--or maybe he refused what he could get. There is literally no system of giving women to needy MRAs which will satisfy a crazy person's desire to kill other people. This was not about sex. It was about death.

Victor said...

About the 9/11 hijackers, don't give the NRA fellating ammusexuals any ideas.

They'll up the ante, and say "A good guy with an anti-aircraft missile, will stop a bad guy in a plane being used as a missile."

We'll end up with guys with rocket launchers and RPG's in Chipotle's.

Ten Bears said...

Uhhmmm... Mike, it isn't free. They don't give it away. At a brothel you have to pay for it. I realize that it goes against a thousand years of Pavlovian conditioning, and I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

While I harbor doubts as to the real perpetrators of "9/11", nice connection Steve.

No fear. I am never-the-less real cautious around jew/"christian"/muslim/mormon nutballs with guns.

Uncle Mike said...

I'm sorry, did I say free brothels? I meant legal brothels.

Oh wait...that's what I wrote.

And fuck off and die? Me? For suggesting, however obliquely, that if this insane hateful guy had occasionally ejaculated, maybe it would have calmed him down a bit?

I did not realize that women choosing to work in brothels was akin to the patriarchy "giving women to MRAs." But I was born with testicles, so feel free to ignore my ramblings.

Well then. I stand fucked off and dead.

Latty said...

I can think of at least three reasons that he couldn't score:
1) He went after girls like the Prom Queen figuring that if she would have sex with the football quarterback, she should have sex with all comers;
2) His approach stunk. "Hey, you want to f**k is not a winning strategy." I've seen this one more than once.
3) He was seriously creepy such that even working girls didn't want anything to do with him. This one gets my vote.

Philo Vaihinger said...

What college? Jeez, the guy so needed professional help. If you catch my drift.

Philo Vaihinger said...


aimai said...

Uncle Mike,
That is the second stupid thing you've said on this thread. Nothing prevented "this guy from ejaculating" since he was perfectly capable of masturbating. Nothing prevented him from finding and paying prostitutes, legally or illegally, since there are no places in the US where prostitutes can't be found--least of all in California but, as I pointed out, quite legally in neighboring nevada.

The point of my response to your moronic first point is that there is no evidence that someone so angry and deranged and violent as to kill 7 and injure 6 people because he feels aggrieved at not getting sex from young women in his social circle would be assuaged or changed by being able to purchase sex. He could have purchased sex and didn't.

There's a famous aphorism "Men don't rape because they can't get the kind of sex they want--Rape is the kind of sex they want. I'd say that goes double for these Men's Rights Advocates/Pick Up Artists. He didn't kill random women because particular women wouldn't have sex with him. He wanted to kill women and so he did. This was the kind of action he wanted--the story about how he couldn't get laid was just the excuse he told himself to justify his murderous rage.

I'd also like to point out that many spree and serial killers actually target prostitutes. Why? Because they are readily available and the police don't pay much attention to their murders. There's a very long term connection between male fantasizing about female sexual availability, treating women as disposable, and killing them. The existence of brothels and of prostitution has not lessened the rage that misogynists feel against women one iota. If a man wants to kill someone, he'll do it. Getting his rocks off has nothing to do with it.

aimai said...

MRA- Men's Rights Activist. PUA = Pick Up Artists. This kid was posting extensively on sites devoted to their anger at women/feminism and his video was crafted with that audience in mind. For more information go to We Hunted The Mammoth, formerly known as ManBoobz who monitors these guys.

gocart mozart said...

Obviously it's the fault of the lesbian feminazis for not having sex with him.

Uncle Mike said...

I'm pretty sure I've said more than two stupid things on this thread, but thanks for keeping count.

You may be correct that there is no evidence to show that killers who feel slighted by women would stop killing if someone paid some attention to them.

On the other hand, we'll also never know how many American lives were saved by The Bunny Ranch.

aimai said...

I really don't know how to think about something like Uncle Mike's assertion that "we'll also never know how many American lives were saved by The Bunny Ranch." That may be the most grotesque thing an adult male could say on a thread about the mass murder of 6 people by a young man who claims he did it because he hates women who deny him sex. First of all of course you have no way of knowing that the people killed were Americans, and it would be disgusting of you to assert that the only lives that matter are American. Second of all plenty of women are forced into the sex trade against their will and rape and abuse are a natural aspect of prostitution in Nevada and elsewhere so you are asserting that the rape and abuse of some women for money (money that goes to their pimps) is worth it because it enables some (high) percentage of men to get their rocks off and thus not mass murder out of frustration.

I get it that you think this is funny, or that you think that you are funny for continuing to make these statements linking the murder of six people who were strangers to their murderer to sex and prostitution. The two are not connected and can't be connected except by a diseased mind such as that of the murderer. Is that all you've got? The argument that you, and many men like you, are mass murderers and spree killers in waiting because you don't know how to masturbate or to attract a sexual partner without paying for it? Because that is what your continued bro-style talk about prostitutes seems to be saying.

I realize you are trolling because you can't be so stupid as to believe this crap--but you are taking the cause of representing yourself to be a complete and utter asshole to uncalled for depths. You can stop now, really. You have thoroughly exposed yourself as a truly horrifying person.

Victor said...

Uncle Mike,
I've made more than my share of lame and offending statements in trying to make a bad joke - just ask aimai, SHE'LL tell ya!

The difference is, that I realized how my lame attempt at humor was really offensive, and I didn't double-down.


Anonymous said...

So do we get to start calling white guys thugs yet, or is that still reserved only for black football players who yell on TV after games? When does the media's national conversation on the "white culture of violence" and "white-on-white-crime" start?

White males have been responsible for more death, darkness, despair, and destruction than any other group in history: from the Inquisition, to the Crusades, to the witch trials, to the slave trade, to WW1, to WW2, to Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan, to Hitler and Stalin and all kinds of genocides, to 99% of serial killers and mass murderers, to the atomic bomb, to the Great Depression and Great Recession, to political policies which exacerbate the poverty and hopelessless that allows crime to flourish. They have the fingerprints white guys all over.

White murderers (Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman) and white criminals (like the Wall Streeters who indirectly caused and are still causing thousands and thousands of deaths by crashing the economy) don't get tried and convicted. They go free. Heck, the Zimmerman case proved that if you're a white male gun nut you can have a long and still growing record of violent encounters; you can stalk, scare, and pick a fight with an unarmed kid and kill him when he fights back in defense; and then walk free because the kid was black, thus obviously dangerous, at fault, and deserved to die.

Where there is poverty and hopelessless there will be crime. Conservative whites do everything possible to exacerbate economic inequality and poverty, then concern troll about the crime that is the inevitable result of their institutionalized greed and selfishness. Statistics can reflect a biased criminal justice system all you want: but they can't erase the entirety of world history in white white men have caused more death and destruction than any group.

Kathy E. Gill said...

There's good info on the MRA and such at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks the rantings of those men as "hate groups"

Ten Bears said...

I will admit my response to Mike was somewhat flippant, though in retrospect Mike's response may have been flippant (see below) and I erred in being a smartass. I hemmed and hawed all day about revisiting this thread only to come back today and find 12 has said nearly all that needs be said.

In my daily life I deal almost exclusively with college types, either students or faculty (I am reluctantly retired faculty) so I beg forgiveness if I am at times obtuse, using big, archaic words to convey thoughts not all that deep, thoughts just below the surface. When I speak I expect people to understand what I am saying and it frags me when seemingly aware people do not.

A thousand, perhaps ten thousand, years ago the Jew/"Christian"/Muslim/Mormon Cult of Male Domination hijacked the woman's rightful place in the natural order of things, and down through the years The Church has used sexual repression, pornography and prostitution, not to mention the racism and ignorance prevalent today, to enforce its supremacy, to maintain control. This is white privilege, this is what I refer to as a thousand years of Pavlovianly conditioned response.

In the white dog world it is perfectly acceptable for white dogs to say what Mike said, whither or not serious or flippant. As acceptable as that Tea Bagger idiot in Southern Nevada saying "The Negro" on broadcast television, or ignorant racist assholes referring to the duly elected President of the United State in the derogatory diminutive thereof. It is their white privilege. Afterall, the white dog is superior to us all, black, red, yellow or female. It's a conditioned response and hey just don't know any better.

Vic, while it may have been readily apparent to some of us, aimai's gender is irrelevant, and "outing" her is as every bit white privilege as all else.

Personally, I am laughing at the white dogs' superiority.

No fear.

aimai said...

Don't sweat it, Victor. I know you and you know me and you can't "out" someone as female because male is not the perfect, unmarked, category from which the rest of us all cower in fear. I'm out and proud as female online. I appreciated the support, Victor, actually.

Victor said...

I wasn't sweating it, aimai, because you know that, even though we've never met, I love and respect you. :-)

If you read enough of a blogger and his/her commenters, you start to understand their real selves over time.
FSM knows, I'm made an @$$ of myself sometimes. But, I try to learn from my mistakes.