Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hey, Sean, why don't you try writing some original material?
In a radio interview last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) made some disparaging comments about pro-life conservatives, stating they had "no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are."

Those remarks drew the ire of conservative talk show host Sean Hannity, who on his Monday radio program declared he had enough and was abandoning his home state....
"... I can't wait to pay no state income tax down in Florida or Texas. I haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning Florida because I like the water and I like to fish.”
That's from Breitbart, which, of course, distorts the meaning of Cuomo's remarks. (As I explained last night, he was referring to the electability of Republican candidates in the state.)

But never mind. Hannity's just stealing Rush Limbaugh's old material. Let me take you back to August 2010:
Rush Limbaugh has closed on the sale of his lavish Fifth Avenue penthouse for $11.75 million....

Last year he announced on his radio show that had decided to sell his apartment at 1049 Fifth Ave., with its four fireplaces and terraces overlooking Central Park, in order to “get out of New York totally.”

Limbaugh has long railed against high taxes in New York. He vowed to cut his ties here when the state adopted a temporary income tax surcharge to raise more than $3 billion a year. His website published a transcript of the broadcast under the title “El Rushbo to New York: Drop Dead.”

He now lives and works in Florida....
You couldn't even pick a different state, Sean?

Somehow, New York State's trillion-dollar annual gross domestic product managed to survive the loss of Limbaugh:

We'll survive your departure, too, Sean. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.


ALSO: I wonder how many people who are furious at Andrew Cuomo think this is freaking hilarious:


Victor said...

I wish Sean would take the whole FUX Noise network with him.

NY won't miss them.
Most NYer's have been ignoring these sociopathic assholes, for years.

Except the rural parts of Upstate NY, of course.
It's not much different from the rural part of the South - just with colder winters.
Bitter old white people, stuck in homes far away from others, hating on the minorities, women, gays, non-Christians, and the young-un's.

Ten Bears said...

That "hunting" permit cuts both ways. Where I come from you all like alike.

Go over to Crooks and Liars, read Susie's eulogy of yesterday for her friend. These creatures are trying to kill us. They killed Susie's friend, and they're trying to kill me. It's time Stand Our Ground.

I haven't killed since Viet Nam. Looking forward to it.

No fear.

Ten Bears said...

Links, Crooks and Liars: Another Casualty Of This Goddamned Recession.

As I promised Susie her friend would not be forgotten, at my place: Why I'm so pissed ...

Fear me.