Monday, November 19, 2007


Front-page story in today's New York Post:

Rudy Giuliani is trumpeting his leadership in the wake of 9/11 in campaign mailings to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire....

While Giuliani's supporters have long boasted about his performance after the attacks, he himself had not, until now, mentioned it as prominently....

Do you think that's true somewhere? Do you think there's a parallel universe where Rudy Giuliani actually doesn't mention 9/11 in every sentence?


UPDATE: At Alicublog, Roy Edroso's response is a wisecrack:

The story is mainly about a Giuliani mailing and actually contains dissenting quotes from a 9/11 family group. Maybe Murdoch is sending the Giuliani camp a signal, and Judith Regan can expect Bernard Kerik to show up at her place with flowers and/or rubber gloves.

Yeah, the article has some quote balance -- but ultimately, what purpose does it serve?

I think this is what Murdoch's thinking: If what people talk about when they talk about Giuliani is 9/11, it means that they're not talking about Bernie Kerik and Judith Regan. I think Murdoch's trying to use his printing press to change the subject and get Giuliani back on comfortable ground. Remember, incessant talk about 9/11 is what got Giuliani to first place in the polls in the first place. GOP voters like him for doing that. Sane people think of it as a bug, but it's not a bug -- it's a feature.

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