Friday, November 30, 2007


MoJoBlog quotes some of the snickering idiots ("Oh this should be good.............") posting at Free Republic in response to the hostage crisis at Hillary Clinton's campaign office in Rochester, New Hampshire.

If you have the stomach for more, here are threads at ("Smells fishy to me. I bet the beast will swoop in breathing fire and take control of the situation, thus proving to the sheeple that it is fearless in a crisis"), Another one at Free Republic ("One of the Code Pink marines or one of the gay generals? Plant gone bad?"), ("With so many plants being exposed in her camp, one can not help but wonder if this is just another"), and Liberty Post ("Unfortunately this guy will never get close to hillary"; "Yep. When I saw this, I was thinking of the line from the movie 'Speed.' 'SHOOT THE HOSTAGE.'").

There are multiple threads at FR and Lucianne, so this is a bottomless well of sewage -- but I guarantee that none of this will be quoted in the mainstream media, and the next time the MSM goes fishing for unsavory online comments, it'll be because one lefty said something nasty in a comment thread.


UPDATE: The hostage-taker has been identified as a local resident named Troy Stanley -- and now the appalling Michelle Malkin is using this fact to try to score points against her left-wing critics:

Update 4:51pm Eastern. The Huffington Post attempts to contact Troy Stanley by phone. Wait a minute! Isn’t that "stalking"!

...Question to MSM: If we -- or you --start Googling "Troy Stanley," does that qualify as "stalking," too?

The HuffPo phones a man who (if the ID is correct) is holding hostages with, reportedly, a bomb strapped to his body; Malkin, by contrast, staked out the house of a 12-year-old car accident victim who was once in a coma to see if he was really worthy of S-CHIP. In Malkin's world, wanting to gather information about a possible psycho killer as he's holding hostages is morally equivalent to wanting to gather information about a grievously wounded 12-year-old who dares to challenge The Emperor.


UPDATE: Standoff over; suspect arrested.


UPDATE: And, well, his name is not Troy Stanley. Stupid me for taking Arianna's side.

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