Thursday, April 27, 2006

I see via Atrios that Michelle Malkin, nee Maglalang, is upset that "The Star-Spangled Banner" has been translated into Spanish. Singing our national anthem in a foreign tongue! The nerve!


Traditional Oktoberfest Songbook now out

...This booklet or hymnal of Oktoberfest Songs is designed to help those interested in the customs of Oktoberfest to renew the famous songs and customs.... The book includes the following essential classics: In Munchen steht ein Hofbrauhaus, Ein Prosit, Das Wandern ist des Mullers Lust, Du, du liegst mir im Herzen, Muss i denn, German National Anthem, Bier her, ... The Star Spangled Banner (in German!) ...



The Opening Ceremonies

Our guest speaker will be Mr. Warren Perrin, President of CODOFIL. Mr. Perrin was chosen President of CODOFIL by Governor Mike Foster because of Warren’s desire to foster the French language in Louisiana. Entertainment will be provided by Nedia (Mrs. Mason Hebert) of Bridge City, Texas. Mrs. Hebert will sing the Star Spangled Banner in French....

(CODOFIL is the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana.)

Er, here, from Detroit, is "The Star-Spangled Banner" in Polish.

O, mow widac ze wczesnym rozbrzasku zorz, Sztandar, co powiewal, kiedy zmrok zapadal juz? Pasow rzad i rog gwiazd, co ponad szancow mur, w krwawa noc widnialy na tle dymow i chmur. A kartaczow blaski i rozblyski dzial w noc oswietlaly sztandar, co dumnie trawl. O czyz gwiazdzisty sztandar powiewa mimo wichr i grom, Ponad kraj wolnosci, ponad szielnych ludzi dom.

Oh, and this one's particularly apropos:

Yesterday I went to the 40th anniversary party of Philippine News, held at the SF War Memorial and Performing Arts Center.....

I have been a fan of Joey Ayala for many years now, since my high school days.... So he comes up on stage with a guitar, and tells the audience that he's a songwriter from the Philippines, and that he's written 150 songs, but the song he was going to sing today was not he had written -- in fact, he said, "I learned it from you." This is your song, not my song, he said, introducing it as "an English folk song from the 1800s" which he just learned here in the U.S. And then he promptly launches into a stunning version of the Star-Spangled Banner -- in Tagalog.

Tagalog, Michelle. Tagalog. And an audience in America enjoyed it! Outrageous!!!!

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