Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I see that Joe Klein's bestest pal, Newt Gingrich, is endorsing Ken Blackwell in the Ohio governor's race:

...Ken is facing a tough primary.  Election Day is in just two weeks.  I am asking you to help a great friend and a great American by donating to Ken’s campaign today.

Ken is a true Reagan Republican.  A man who believes in strong conservative principles like the Defense of Marriage, the right to life, lower taxes, less government and the right of every citizen to a superb education.

With Ken as Governor, Ohio can be great....


Newt Gingrich

Remember, this isn't s case of Newt loyally endorsing a fellow Republican in a race against a Democrat. He's making an endorsement for the Republican primary. There's another Republican running for governor, an entrepreneur who says he wants to cut taxes and shrink government. Just the kind of guy you'd think Klein's "non-ideological idea man" Gingrich would endorse? Nawww -- Gingrich is endorsing the proud candidate and ally of angry theocrats

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