Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's John Roberts.

OK, I'll try again: When Rehnquist retires, I think Bush will replace him with Edith Jones, "the Female Scalia." (Though I'm not sure if he'll pick somebody outside the Court to be Chief Justice or just use this person to fill Rehnquist's vacancy and elevate a sitting Justice to Chief -- probably Scalia or, my guess, Thomas.)


SECOND THOUGHTS, WEDNESDAY MORNING: No, strike that. It's clear now that Bush will always meet the religious right's strict litmus test on judges, but it's also clear that having judges from the Christian-right wing isn't a top Bush priority. Roberts is a corporatist and, I guess, a partisan hack. I think any additional Bush High Court nominees are going to be more or less like Roberts: thoroughly vetted and approved by the Christianists, but far more interested in defending the interests of CEOs and the GOP.

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