Friday, December 12, 2003

Yesterday I posted part of the transcript of Tim Russert's Hillary Clinton interview, in which she denied that she wants the '04 nomination and he wouldn't take no for an answer. An e-mailer writes:

I could not help comparing Russert's pressing Ms. Clinton about her willingness to accept the Democratic nomination with a Saturday Night Live appearance by John McCain ~1 year ago in which he was pressed on whether he would run for President in 2004.

McCAIN:  "I repeat I will not run."

INTERVIEWER:  "What if President Bush forgets to run?  Would you run then?"

McCAIN:  "If the president forgot to run, I would remind him."

INTERVIEWER:  "So you're saying you MIGHT be a candidate."

Eerie parallels.


(And yes, as McCain himself notes here, the "interviewer" was Tim Russert, played by Darrell Hammond.)

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