Friday, November 08, 2002

What a miserable party. I'm glad to see their power end, and I'm sure they'll all be perfectly comfortable in their cells in Guantanamo. --Ann Coulter on the Democrats, in her November 7 column

In his press conference yesterday, Mr. Bush gave no sign he is intoxicated by election vapors; even when goaded by reporters looking for a good story, he didn't speak dreamily about appointing John Ashcroft to the Supreme Court, drilling for oil in Yellowstone or exiling liberals to Guantánamo. --Nicholas Kristof, in his November 8 column

Make of this what you will: yesterday I e-mailed Nicholas Kristof a perma-link to Ann Coulter's columns, because I suspect he doesn't really understand the depth, breadth, and reach of right-wing rage, which he all but ignored in his last column as he chided the left for the verbal excesses of a handful of lefty e-mailers.

Am I crazy to think that Kristof clicked on the link and actually exposed himself to the horror that is Coulter, possibly for the first time? Is it too much to hope that he's going to start to get it now?

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