Thursday, November 07, 2002

Like most other pundits, MyDD blew the call on the midterm elections big time, but here are two good nuggets from the MyDD postmortem. On the Wellstone memorial service:

Democrats, when they see Republicans use patriotism or warmongering for political purposes react cynically, but it doesn't make them mad. You can bet your holy dollar, had Ronald Reagan died before the election, the Republican mantra of 'win one for the gipper' would have been out the mouth of every freeper. Republicans, when they see Democrats acting partisan at non-partisan events, become morally indignant, extremely agitated, caustic, and utterly activist.

On the tepid Democrats:

Part of the problem with the Democratic Leadership not really standing up against Bush over anything controversial, is that it mutes their claim that a Republican Trifecta would be extreme-- Democrats compromise with them, so how can it be that bad?

Bingo, and bingo again.

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