Thursday, December 22, 2016


Kellyanne Conway just got a job in the Trump administration. Here's how The New York Times reports this news:
Kellyanne Conway, ‘Trump Whisperer,’ Will Be Counselor to President

Kellyanne Conway, the Republican pollster and strategist who helped guide President-elect Donald J. Trump to victory in November, will be appointed counselor to the president, becoming the highest-ranking woman in his White House, the transition team announced early Thursday....

With a soft-spoken approach that appeals to Mr. Trump, Ms. Conway was credited during the campaign, even by Democrats who opposed her, with smoothing out some of Mr. Trump’s most jagged edges in her appearances on television.
Kellyanne Conway is "soft-spoken"? She's a "Trump whisperer" who "smooth[s] out some of Mr. Trump’s most jagged edges" in her media appearances?

The press and I must be watching two different Kellyanne Conways. The one I know is as mean-spirited and vicious as Trump, and as shameless a liar. Just yesterday we were reminded that she's condescending and graceless in victory:
President-elect Donald Trump's campaign manager says Trump unnerved Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by promoting women who have accused her husband of sexual misconduct....

“Listen, this is somebody who’s very scripted,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said of Clinton on Fox News Radio’s “Hemmer Time” Wednesday.

When you’re scripted, and you’re running against the most unscripted, X-factor to ever explode on the political scene -- at least in our lifetimes, Bill -- then you’re going to get ham[mered],” she told host Bill Hemmer. "You know, a robot only has so many microchips in its database and that one wasn’t in there. It’s like, not in the script.”
Hey, Kellyanne, you won. Show a little class. On second thought, why bother? The press thinks she's the nice one.

And remember, she was pushing the "landslide" Big Lie a month ago.

Conway's title, "counselor to the president," suggests deep involvement in policy and statecraft, but really she'll just be a spin doctor:
In a statement, Mr. Trump said Ms. Conway would continue her role as a “close adviser,” responsible for helping to carry out his priorities and deliver his message from inside the White House.

”She is a tireless and tenacious advocate of my agenda and has amazing insights on how to effectively communicate our message,” Mr. Trump said. “I am pleased that she will be part of my senior team in the West Wing.”
Of course, this is a Republican administration, so spin is king, because in any Republican administration the prime policy goal is giving tax and regulatory gifts to the rich, and that can't be accomplished unless heartland white voters are given multiple distractions meant to persuade them that the new president has their best interests at heart.

And, well, we know Conway is a good spinner. She's fooled the media into thinking she's a decent human being, hasn't she?


Leo Artunian said...

Ann Coulter must be weeping in her eggnog after being passed over in favor of another vitriolic blonde female attorney.

Redleg99 said...

She is truly repugnant. The media treats her with the deference befitting a person of Mother Teresa's caliber. They permit her to make the most outrageous statements while at the same time whining about some trivial thing Hillary or one of the Dems has said about something Trump as actually done.

For christssake, I hope that the honeymoon between the media and Trump, Inc. is very very brief. I don't have enough heartburn medicine to last much longer.

Anonymous said...

I remember the odious Chuck Todd unctuously saying that Conway was "a good person." She's repugnant. The media is extremely poor at judging people.

Anonymous said...

Proof white women are over-rated.

Diane Rodriguez said...

Even Rachel Maddow blessed her with "she's a nice person." Bullshit. First time I saw her, I thought what a poser. The the lies just multiply. I wonder if one of her techniques to get the pervert under control is to let him grab her....well you know.

Feud Turgidson said...

On the matter of Conway, the main author of the Federalist Papers was clear:

"There does not exist a more villainous calumniator or incendiary."

Technically Alexander Hamilton wrote that judgment with reference to one Thomas Conway, a general officer at that time in service within the hierarchy of the Continental Army under George Washington's chief rival for the confidence and trust of the Continental Congress, the bloated and fundamentally corrupt grifter, General Horatio Gates. Conway was the chief figure in the so-called "Conway Cabal", aimed at weakening Washington by undermining his chief aide de camp, Hamilton. These, I submit, constitute singly an array of trivial distinctions, collectively amounting to no real importance beyond the time when all that happened.

Such was the short term success of his Cabal that Conway's master succeeded in having his operative appointed Chief Inspector General over the entire Continental Army, such that technically Washington was answerable to him. That was, however, the high point of the Gates-Conway power play. Within a few months, the Continental Congress was moved ot actively pursue and then immediately accept Conway's resignation is IG. That, however, did not put an end to Conway's cabalings; those were ended by General John Cadwaladar, who, in the context of an assumed duel, shot a musket pellet into Conway's mouth that then exited out the back of his neck. He did not die, but Conway's calumniations abruptly ended. Cadwaladar was appropriately modest about the action, being reportedly saying, as Conway lay at his feet struggling against death, "I have stopped the damned rascal's lying tongue at any rate".

In a time of "unpresidented" trepidation in the republic, I think we could do worse than allow us a bit of cheer over such a happily ending story.

Ms. L.B. said...

Two observations about the adorable Ms. Conway I've heard:

1. She looks like she's been ridden hard and hung up wet.

2. She looks like the last 10 minutes of prom.

Feel free to pass them on.

Feud Turgidson said...

Ms. L.B., I rely on the dispatches of Charlie Pierce that all you observe of her traces to her 30 years of intimate entanglement with career enthusiasts in rodent fornication.

Anonymous said...

Prom, or porn?