Tuesday, December 06, 2016


This article by CNN Supreme Court reporter Ariane de Vogue is pure, undiluted pro-Trump and pro-GOP propaganda:
Trump could bring a different kind of diversity to the Supreme Court

... As he considers a list of nominees to succeed the late Justice Antonin Scalia, Trump is looking for a kind of diversity the current court lacks.

The potential nominees all have sterling judicial conservative credentials. But the current list represents something else -- a nod to judges from "flyover" states, an appreciation for non-Ivy League schools and even a dash of political experience. Many on Trump's list wore different hats before donning their judicial robes. And some have personal stories that could attract the President-elect.

... Trump's list is geographically diverse, including names from Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri and Minnesota. At an appearance at the University of Arizona last August, Justice Elena Kagan noted the issue of geographic diversity and the fact that many justices come from the "non square states."

... Besides geographic diversity, Trump might seek a candidate that brings a strong personal story to the court.

Last month, Judge Thomas Hardiman appeared in Washington to moderate a complicated panel concerning labor and employment law for the conservative Federalist Society. He told the panel he might have to channel his prior taxi driving experience to address the subject. Indeed, before he was appointed as a judge at 37 years old, Hardiman drove a cab to earn funds. He was the first child in his family to attend college....

Judge Rayond Gruender of the 8th Circuit has a different kind of story. Long before he took the bench, he suffered an unbelievably violent attack at the hands of his father....

A candidate who would certainly bring a different type of experience to the court is Margaret Ryan.

Ryan is a former active duty marine, including serving as an aide de camp to the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Ryan has more conventional credentials as well, as a former clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas and is serving on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. But how many nominees have served in both Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm? ...
If Trump nominates one or more of these people to fill Supreme Court vacancies, it's perfectly legitimate for their advocates to use these arguments on their behalf. Opponents will have legitimate arguments of their own, probably focusing on ideology and temperament.

But it isn't CNN's job to road-test talking points for the president-elect. And that's all this article does. If it's not intended to help Trump sell his judicial choices, it's intended to signal to the incoming administration that de Vogue is a friendly journalist the Trumpers can work with.

It's possible to take these talking points and weave them into a story that's not Pravda-esque -- see this piece by Adam Liptak in The New York Times a couple of weeks ago. But what de Vogue gives us is pure stenography. Expect more of this in the coming months, as an increasing number of journalists conclude, erroneously, that resistance to Trumpism (and Republicanism) is futile.


Victor said...

It's not just that MSM resistance can be futile, it can be dangerous - suicidal even.

t-RUMP has openly talked about changing liabel laws.
Becuase he's so thin-skinned that even a POTUS like Andrew Jackson - also very thin-skinned - looks like a summer&fall-fattened Grizzly, ready to hibernate.

t-RUMP thinks nothing of pointing out media people at his rallies, and his t-RUMP-a-loon-pa's think nothing of starting to make threatening gestures and screaming epiphets.

We are entering very perilous times.

Victor said...

To add to my comment above:
Now is the time for courageous journalism, not lick-spittle sycophantic journalism.

Never Ben Better said...

Sigh.... It may be the time, Victor, but it won't be what happens. Oh, there will be scattered pockets of resistance, from marginal players and part of the blogosphere; even some semi-heavy hitters like the Boston Globe (relatively safe in a deep blue state) will still commit serious journalism; but the vast mass of the media will roll over and beg for a belly rub from the new administration.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump brags about his Ivy League education, and his children's Ivy League educations, all the goddamn time. If he were a Democrat we'd be hearing what an elitist he is. Let's not act like he's such a Man Of The People.

The New York Crank said...

I got two complaints:

1. Never Ben better says, "rhe vast mass of the media will roll over and beg for a belly rub from the new administration." Nope, the vast mass of the media are distribution channels for the AP and other wire services, and for syndicated columnists of one stripe or another. If you're the editor of, say, the Xenia Ohio Gazette, or the Washington Courthouse Record Herald, you've got enough trouble coaxing readable stories out of the herd of beginners, and never-has-beens populating your less-than-a-dozen-people staff. You don't have time for Trump. That's why the publisher pays for AP.

2. Flipyrwhig says, "Donald Trump brags about his Ivy League education, and his children's Ivy League educations, all the goddamn time."

First of all, since when is the U of Pennsylvania, where Trump's alma mater, the Wharton School is located, part of the Ivy League. Almost Ivy, maybe. But the U of P ain't Harvard, ain't Princeton, ain't Yale, ain't Columbia, ain't even Stamford, which at least competes on the same intellectual playing field as the ivies.

I mean, what Ivy League undergraduate college would give a degree to a guy who can't sit through a half hour intelligence briefing, much less a college lecture on market segmentation by demographic characteristics.

If the University of Pennsylvania, or even The Wharton School truly have aspirations to becoming Ivy League, the first thing they ought to do is claw back the degree they gave Donald Trump. In fact, any of you Wharton grads wanna start a movement?

Yours very crankily,
The New York Crank