Thursday, December 15, 2016


Politico reported this last night:
Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle has emerged as a contender to be Donald Trump’s White House press secretary, and is expected to have a third meeting with his transition team this week, according to two sources familiar with the meetings.

Guilfoyle, a host on Fox News’ “The Five,” was spotted last week at Trump Tower, where she had lunch with top staffers in the transition team. She did not personally meet with Trump, but she’s slated to return this week to the Fifth Avenue building where Trump has paraded his potential appointments.
Here's the spin on this possible pick:
Some in Trump’s inner circle have argued that Guilfoyle, who is half-Puerto Rican, would be a more sympathetic face when flacking some of Trump’s more divisive stances on immigration and pro-life issues.

“Do you want a white male representing the White House when half the country thinks the President is a misogynist?” said a Guilfoyle champion in Trump’s inner circle.

“Who do you want talking about Immigration? A Latino. When you have to make decisions about pro-life justices, do you want a man or a woman?”
Um, Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, and besides, Guilfoyle was born in San Francisco, which was on the U.S. mainland the last time I looked (though her father is an immigrant -- from Ireland).

Back in July, Guilfoyle defended her then-boss, Roger Ailes, when Gretchen Carlson accused him of sexual harassment:
Her first reaction? “Total disbelief. I’ve known Roger Ailes for 15 years and I have been treated with the utmost professionalism and respect,” said Guilfoyle.... “He’s been a fantastic mentor in television for me.” ...

“This is a man who champions women,” said Guilfoyle....

“Nobody believed this,” said Guilfoyle of the women she talked to at Fox last week, more than 30 she figures. “Nobody that I’ve spoken to said that this was their experience.”
Since then, more women at Fox have backed up Carlson's allegations, Fox has fired Ailes, and a lawsuit filed by another woman allegedly harassed by Ailes, Andrea Tantaros, claims that Ailes called Guilfoyle (though not to her face) a "Puerto Rican whore" and a "Puerto Rican streetfighter," when he wasn't asking whether she and fellow fox host Eric Bolling were sleeping together. If Guilfoyle has since uttered a negative word about Ailes, I'm not aware of it.

Yeah, Fox has been a really supportive environment -- a place where Guilfoyle, a lawyer and former prosecutor, can be asked on the air, "If those legs of yours were a foot shorter, do you think you'd be here?" But I think she'd be an ideal Trump press secretary -- she's suggested killing all the Gitmo detainees, she's erroneously asserted that Barack Obama never visited victims of terrorist attacks, and she's claimed that Obama's relationship with the media has been all sweetness and light apart from his fair, balanced treatment at the hands of her employer:
“President Obama has enjoyed, really, like, a fairy-tale romance with the mainstream media,” Guilfoyle said.... “They very much, they like him personally, they like his politics., his ideology He’s the one that really hasn’t had a full fact-checking and what-not. He’s actually had, I think, quite a relationship, a nice eight years with the press, with the exception of him calling out and having a problem with the Fox News Channel because we’re actually reporting all of the news instead of just select positive stories. You’ve got to talk about actually what’s going on everywhere.”
During the campaign, she said that Trump made controversial statements only because Obama and Hillary Clinton would "bait" him. She said that Trump's repeat references to Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas" were "quite complimentary when you think about it." And she so shamelessly promoted Trump on Fox's 2015 New Year's Eve special that even Greg Gutfeld, her colleague on Fox's The Five, said, “I mean it was 'The Trump Show,' let’s face it.... I think you did a great job, Kimberly, you did a great job on 'The Trump Show.'”

So, yes, she'd be a perfect choice.


Ed Baptist said...

Trump's Pocahontas comments reveal only that he is sufficiently ignorant about America that he doesn't realize that a substantial part of white America claims that there was a Native American female ancestor somewhere in past generations.

Belvoir said...

I lived in San Francisco in the 2000s, it's bizarre to me now that she was married to quite-liberal Mayor Gavin Newsom from 2001-2006. It's a strange thing. Also surprised she was a lawyer and prosecutor, because from everything I've seen and known of her, my impression is, quelle bimbeau.

Andrew West said...

Scott Adams Team lost. Sore loser can write whatever he wants - it doesn't matter.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ailes and Trump, Women's Champions and What Not!