Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Fox Nation highlights a post from the wingnut blog BizPac Review about Ben Carson's recent appearance on The View.

Carson -- who's probably not really running for president, but is pretending he might run in order to promote a book -- launched into a lecture on welfare during the View appearance. Please note that one of his questioners, Whoopi Goldberg, was on welfare herself at one time.

Here's how BizPac's Joe Saunders describes the discussion:
Carson concluded the eight-minute appearance with a simple statement that demolished the premise of the American welfare state -- and the Obamacare leviathan emerging from it.

"When you rob someone of their incentive to go out there and improve themselves, you are not doing them any favors," Carson said, both drawing applause and causing visible discomfort on the panel led by star and former welfare mother Whoopi Goldberg.
There it is in two paragraphs -- the perfectly mixed toxic cocktail of modern conservatism. Saunders delights in Carson's declaration that welfare deprives its recipients of their initiative, even though this assertion was made to a panel led by a woman who became highly successful after being on welfare. Goldberg had a solo show on Broadway when she was 28 years old. She won an Oscar six and a half years later. Shes' won two Emmies, two Golden Globes, four People's Choice awards. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her career has spanned three decades.

But I guess welfare sapped her will to succeed. If she'd never been on welfare, she might have really had a thriving career!

These are America's right-wingers for you: Carson can sit in front of a highly successful former welfare recipient and declare that people like her are incapable of success, and have no qualms because he believes his Randian theories trump all inconvenient facts. And the author of this post can wallow deliciously in Goldberg's alleged shaming, and never consider the fact that, in this case in particular, the supposedly shaming argument makes absolutely no sense.


Victor said...

Another example of cognitive dissonance.

On a par with Craig T. Nelson's epic one on Glenn Beck's show a few years ago, when they were talking about welfare and food stamps, when Nelson said, "I was on welfare and food stamps. And did anyone help me? NO!!!"

Aunt Snow said...

So how did Whoopi respond?

peabody nobis said...

Carson certainly draws the distinction between "book sense" and "common sense".

Anonymous said...

Reality is fake. Belief is reality. How is this different from insanity?