Thursday, May 08, 2014


Roy is right about this Daniel Henninger column, which lists a series of fist-shaking events at college campuses that have had varying degrees of success -- you know, the kinds of things that Wall Street Journal editorialists have been complaining about for decades -- and concludes that they're all Obama's fault:
... All of a sudden, the left has hit ramming speed across a broad swath of American life -- in the universities, in politics and in government. People fingered as out of line with the far left's increasingly bizarre claims are being hit and hit hard.
("In politics and in government"? So you mean Democrats are going to win supermajorities in both houses in the upcoming midterms and vote to send all GOP members of Congress to internment camps? No? Oh, okay.)
Commencement-speaker bans are obligatory. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice withdrew as Rutgers's speaker after two months of protests over Iraq, the left's long-sought replacement for the Vietnam War. Brandeis terminated its invitation to Somali writer Hirsi Ali, whose criticisms of radical Islam violated the school's "core values."

Azusa Pacific University "postponed" an April speech by political scientist Charles Murray to avoid "hurting our faculty and students of color." ... In a recent New Republic essay, Jennie Jarvie described the rise of "trigger warnings" that professors are expected to post with their courses to avoid "traumatizing" students.

Oberlin College earlier this year proposed that its teachers "be aware of racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, ableism, and other issues of privilege and oppression." ...

I think it's fair to say something has snapped....
There's more, of course -- Brendan Eich, for instance. Also one undergraduate columnist denouncing one professor in the Harvard Crimson. Surely after that, tanks rolling through Cambridge are inevitable!
It's obvious that the far left has decided there are no longer constraints on what it can do to anyone who disagrees with it. How did this happen? Who let the dogs out?

The answer is not university presidents. The answer is that the Obama administration let the dogs out.
So I guess none of this sort of thing ever happened before. I guess, back when I was a Columbia undergraduate in the 1970s, I took the wrong drugs and had a hallucination in which students were protesting an offer of a teaching job to Henry Kissinger. My memory is that that happened in 1977 -- yes, that was before Barack Obama transferred to Columbia. (Or was it????)

So what was the Reichstag fire that gave the evil Obamaniacs an opening to unleash all this left-wing oppression, according to Henninger?
The trigger event was an agreement signed last May between the federal government and the University of Montana to resolve a Title IX dispute over a sexual-assault case.

... read the agreement. It is Orwellian.

The agreement orders the school to retain an "Equity Consultant" (yes, there is such a thing) to advise it indefinitely on compliance. The school must, with the equity consultant, conduct "annual climate surveys." It will submit the results "to the United States."
Wow -- worse than the Holocaust, the terror-famine, and the Cultural Revolution combined!
The agreement describes compliance in mind-numbing detail, but in fact the actual definitional world it creates is vague. It says: "The term 'sexual harassment' means unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature." But there are also definitions for sexual assault and gender-based harassment. All of this detailed writ is called "guidance." As in missile.
And we don't want the smoking writ to be a mushroom cloud!

Now, how did the University of Montana get into this situation?
... a ... federal investigation into the University of Montana came only after dedicated local investigations into a string of rapes committed on campus.
Hmmm ... tell us about those "dedicated local investigations."
An investigation ... by a former justice of the Montana Supreme Court found at least nine incidents of reported sexual assaults in 2010 and 2011 at the university. Most were apparently committed by students; few were prosecuted. Two more cases have been reported since then.

In one case, a Saudi exchange student was made aware of a rape complaint and was able to flee the country before a police report could be filed. In another case, the university's starting quarterback was able to resume football practice this spring despite the fact that a student said he had sexually assaulted her and that she had obtained a "no-contact” order against him.

The university “has a problem of sexual assault on and off campus and needs to take steps to address it to ensure the safety of all students as well as faculty, staff and guests,” former state Justice Diane Barz said in her January 2012 report. That report said prosecutions were difficult because of a reluctance by students and witnesses to come forward and file reports.
Yes, the entire Obama crackdown on freedom everywhere in America happened because of an investigation in Montana done by former Judge Diane Barz ... a onetime U.S. attorney for Montana appointed by President George H.W. Bush and, prior to that, a Montana Supreme Court justice appointed by Governor Stan Stephens, who was ... um ... a Republican.

She started it all -- obviously at Obama's behest!

Even retired Republican appointees are part of Obama's web of evil. A conspiracy so vast....


Julia said...

Next they'll claim roaming gangs of UberQueers are terrorizing - Oh wait, Bill O'Reilly already did that.

Victor said...

"Even retired Republican appointees are part of Obama's web of evil. A conspiracy so vast...."

Not only THAT, but Obama got to the Health Insurance exec's, so that they lied to the House Republican Super-Uber Committee yesterday, and said that more than 67% of the people who signed up for Obamacare - when everyone who clicks on Drudge, listens to Rush, or watches FOX, KNOWS THAT IS A LIE!


The perfidy!

OH, THE HUMANITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The horror...
The horror...
The horror...

Anonymous said...

I love the bit about the "mind numbing detail."

giantslor said...

These people are so far up their own butts that it appears there's no chance of them ever finding their way out.

Roger said...

Fuck Teabaggers.

Fiddlin Bill said...

The Rice rejection by Rutgers is probably the very first pin-prick of justice she's ever felt for her major role in conning the US into a war of choice with a country which, while not "innocent" of everything, was certainly innocent of any responsibility for the events of 9/11/01.