Thursday, May 01, 2014


Compare and contrast:

Sensible people, including people who aren't crazy, angry lefties like you and me, realize that climate change is real, and thus understand that Scientific American editor Michael Moyer was not being a "coward" when said he would never appear on Fox News again, after his proposal that he talk about climate change was rebuffed by the producers of Fox & Friends, who had booked him to appear on the show. He's not afraid -- he's simply choosing not to be in a place where he's not allowed to talk about what's important to him.

For this, Fox calls him a "coward" on the air. Oh, but we expect Fox to subject its critics to this kind of schoolyard taunting, because Fox is bellicose, sharp-elbowed, angry, and opinionated.

But Politico is ... respectable. Politico is sober, serious, thoughtful, and objective. Isn't it? I'm sure the people at Politico believe all those adjectives apply to them.

Politico's Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman tell us that Hillary Clinton has endured more than two decades of extremely nasty press coverage:
Over the 25 years Hillary Clinton has spent in the national spotlight, she's been smeared and stereotyped, the subject of dozens of over-hyped or downright fictional stories and books alleging, among other things, that she is a lesbian, a Black Widow killer who offed Vincent Foster then led an unprecedented coverup, a pathological liar, a real estate swindler, a Commie, a harridan.
Hillary Clinton has every reason to loathe the press. She's been treated by the press more or less the way believers in mainstream climate science are treated by Fox News. If she wants to keep the press at arm's length, that may be a tactical error during a presidential campaign, but, well, you can't blame her.

The point is, it's not done out of fear. And yet the headline asks, "What Is Hillary Clinton Afraid Of?" The story refers to her "fear and loathing" of the press.

The implication in that Fox chyron is that Michael Moyer is a pantywaist egghead who isn't man enough to get in the ring with tough guy Roger Ailes and his gang. The implication in that Politico headline is that Hillary Clinton keeps a wall of security between herself and the press because she doesn't have the courage to let her guard down.

That's as much of a grade-school taunt as what's on that Fox chyron.


Victor said...

Yes, the guy is a coward, because you project your cowardice of having someone knowledgeable come on and discuss climate change, onto him - and he refuses to return.

In what universe, is HE the real coward?
FUX never lets real Liberals speak on their airwaves - only faux-Liberals, and Liberals Lite.

FUX Noise is the real coward - as per usual.
They don't dare to have anyone puncture the comfortable little bubble their rabid and insane sociopathic moronic viewers, live in.

Rick Massimo said...

I always say that if you're under the illusion that Fox News is an actual news outlet, one look at what they do when they come under the slightest bit of criticism will set you straight.

Actually, in this regard, Politico has always been the same.

Roger said...

Why did Moyer think the pinheads at FOX & Friends were capable of understanding science?

ladyblug said...

I quit reading Politico a year or so ago. You can see right through their bullshit. Charles Pierce @ Esquire has the perfect title for them, "Tiger Beat on the Potomac".

Aunt Snow said...

And yet they love Sarah Palin, who bravely "tells it like it is" from her Facebook page, avoiding what she calls the "lamestream media filter." Or what other people call being held accountable for what she says.