Monday, April 24, 2006

President Bush ... said Monday that those who are calling for massive deportation of the estimated 11 million foreigners living illegally in the United States are not being realistic.

"Massive deportation of the people here is not going to work," Bush said as a Congress divided over immigration returned from a two-week recess. "It's just not going to work." ...


This is not going over well in Freeptopia.

Bush must be living in an alternate universe where those who break laws are praised and rewarded.


I don't care if it takes 25 years. Start sending them back now.


Time to deport those who believe this b.s. back to the private sector.


Deport 'em as you catch 'em. No need for some kind of dragnet. Of course, that would be a lot like enforcing the laws we already have. Can't have that.


Bush: Massive Deportation Not Desirable for my Business Buddies.

One Freeper posts this. It's from the archives of the wingnut site Sacred Cow Burgers.

Do you know what Sacred Cow Burgers is? It's a site where Bush is generally depicted like this. On immigration, however, he's depicted like this. If you're emphasizing an issue that infuriates your base that much a few months before your party faces a tough election, you're asking for trouble.

A core principle of the Bush/Rove approach has always been "no enemies on the right" -- but on this issue that's been superseded by (a) a desire to please business interests, (b) Rove's belief that he can reach his Grail -- an all-GOP federal government with a veto-proof Senate -- by tipping just enough Hispanics into the Republican column, and (c) Bush's infantile insistence that he has political capital and he's going to spend it, dammit.

The latter really is Bush's Achilles heel. He won by 3 percentage points, his polls are plummeting, and yet he still thinks he can give the finger to the last group of people who are on his side. His base isn't going to accept anything less than mercilessness on immigration. His base has Immigration Derangement Syndrome. Yet he's determined to ignore this, determined to ignore the fact that rage junkies brought him this far and will not be mollified on this issue.

Here are results of an online poll at Free Republic:

If the White House and GOP controlled congress does not act immediately to seal the borders, penalize employers who hire illegals and deport illegals when caught, how will it affect your vote in November?

I will continue to vote GOP 41.3%
I will vote third party 31.4%
I will stay home 21.5%
I will vote for the Democrat 5.9%

Ignore the third-party number (most of these people aren't going to have a nativist party to vote for) and the Democrat number (the hell they'll vote Democrat); the salient point is that if Bush and the GOP Congress pass anything with even the slightest whiff of "amnesty," the majority of these wingnut zealots say they won't show up to vote GOP in November. If even a third of them make good on that, that's huge -- and Bush, because he's determined to prove he still has "capital," may actually make it happen.

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