Saturday, April 08, 2006

Oy -- these people are just itching to be the vanguard army of the backlash:


Apr.7,06-Roy Warden, Common Sense II....


Time: Sunday, 12 Noon Date: April 09, 2006 Place: The Mexican Consulate Address: 553 South Stone, Tucson Arizona Event: Flag Burning ...

Sunday, we will burn a Mexican flag in front of the Mexican consulate. And Monday we will attend the largest demonstration in Armory Park and burn another Mexican flag.

These will be the first of a series of provocative acts, designed to bring clarity to the border issue.

Additional provocative acts include filing of federal lawsuits, and in November, placing monitors outside every polling location, asking people for proof of citizenship and taking pictures of those who refuse us or appear to be illegal voters....

I doubt these guys have enough manpower to do much poll harassment in the fall. But the flag burning -- will it be ignored or will it actually provoke people? And if they're arrested on Monday, is that going to make them a righty cause celebre?

Like a lot of nativists, they go on to express a weird sort of sympathy for the people they hate:

...We commit these provocative acts to express our solidarity with the Mexican people. Like us they now live in chaos. But unlike us their civil war has already begun, in Chiapas.

Like us the Mexican people are already in revolt because they have been betrayed and exploited by their leadership.

We want to join their revolt and voice our support for the formation of Aztlan, in Mexico....

I've seen that same riff in some Klan literature -- that black nationalism is a good thing (see, blacks want to live separate from whites!).

Roy Warden is described here as a "Tucson Attorney" and "self-styled internet journalist." I can't find much of his "journalism" -- here's one example, a denunciation of The Arizona Star as the "Official Propaganda Organ for the Open Border Movement," from this ugly Web site. Warden has also been arrested for handing out political pamphlets on the steps of the Pima County Superior Court (the ACLU took his case).

Also see: Which Mexican Flag Should I Burn On Monday? (Both that discussion and the Warden press release are at Liberty Post, a forum that's structured like Free Republic but is more libertarian -- its readers and posters don't like immigration, government spending, invasions of privacy, gun laws, or Democrats, though they're much more skeptical about the war than the Freepers.)

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