Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here's one of the cushy tax provisions affecting oil companies that GOP congressional leaders don't want to change, according to The Washington Post:

Currently, oil companies are allowed to calculate the taxable value of their inventories based on the value of the oldest stocks, when oil may have been worth $30 a barrel. But much of the inventory may have been pumped from the ground when oil was selling for more than double that. Critics say that understates the value of the companies' oil supplies purely to lower their tax payments.

You know what? I want a provision like that applied to my taxes.

"Mr. IRS Man? Yes, I make reasonably good money now, but in 1980, in my first job out of college, I made $165 a week -- and I really, really think some of that first paycheck is still in my bank account. Therefore, I think every paycheck I get should be taxed as if I'm only making $165 a week now."

That's reasonable, isn't it?

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