Monday, February 27, 2006

Some results from the new CBS poll (story here; PDF of complete results here and here):

Bush job approval:

America (Democrats, independents and Republicans): 34%
Republicans only: 72%

Approval of Bush's handling of the economy:

America: 32%
Republicans only: 68%

Approval of Bush's handling of Iraq:

America: 30%
Republicans only: 61%

Approval of Bush's handling of the war on terror:

America: 43%
Republicans only: 78%

Approval of Bush's handling of the Katrina cleanup:

America: 32%
Republicans only: 63%

Remember the aftermath of the 2004 election? Remember how Democrats were portrayed as hopelessly out of step -- not religious enough, not NASCAR enough, not sufficiently family-oriented or security-oriented, too urban, too accommodating of abortion and Hollywood and indecency and gays?

Well, it's time for the media to start talking about Republicans as the oddballs. It's time to start discussing them as the ones who don't have "mainstream American values."

It's the Republicans who are the outliers, the weirdos; it's Republicans who cling to a worldview that fails reality check after reality check.

Democrats, by contrast, are normal Americans.

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