Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Mark Penn is the chairman of the Harris Poll and the husband of No Labels CEO Nancy Jacobson. He's regarded as a Democratic pollster largely because he's worked with both Bill and Hillary Clinton, though he later became a Fox News contributor and Trump apologist. His latest survey has Trump leading Joe Biden by 6 in a two-candidate race, by 7 with Robert Kennedy Jr. in the race, and by 9 with a filed that includes Biden, Trump, Kennedy, Cornel West, and Jill Stein.

The survey also includes quite a bit of pro-Trump push-polling.

Here's an example: The impeachment case against President Biden effectively collapsed on February 15, when it was revealed that a key source for Biden allegations, Alexander Smirnov, had been charged with lying about the Biden family's activities involving Ukraine. On February 20, we learned that Russian intelligence officials were Smirnov's principal source for these lies.

Undeterred, Penn's team decided it was still okay to include this survey question:

This is one of many questions about alleged Biden misdeeds -- mishandling of classified documents by Joe Biden, as well as unsavory dealings by Joe, James, and Hunter Biden. There are no questions suggesting that the figures pursuing the Bidens might be acting in bad faith. However, when we get to the section about Trump's legal problems, the first question is this, asked one of two ways:

Questions about Trump's criminal cases are stripped of all detail. Here, for instance, is the only question about Trump's handling of classified documents:

Now here's one of several questions about Biden's handling of classified documents:

When the subject turns to Trump's bank fraud case, Penn's survey argues Trump's case for him:

And there's yet another question arguing that the pursuit of Trump is in bad faith:

Eventually the survey turns to the subject of immigration. Here's one of several questions:

"The bill would allow up to 5000 migrants to come in each day before [the] new measure kicked in" is a Republican lie that has been debunked by many fact checkers. As a Poynter Institute fact-check notes (emphasis added), the bill "compels the Homeland Security secretary to use an emergency authority to bar people from requesting asylum if officials record 5,000 encounters a day over seven consecutive days. But that’s not the same as accepting 5,000 people into the U.S. daily."

I've been telling you about the push-polling of Mr. No Labels for years. He's still at it.

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