Friday, November 24, 2023


The party of anti-Islam hatemonger Geert Wilders won the most parliamentary seats in Dutch elections this week, and the response from the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal is very hard to distinguish from the response of Paul Serran at the racist conspiracy site Gateway Pundit. Can you tell which excerpt is from the Journal and which one is from the Pundit?

Excerpt #1:
Voters are fed up with a stale consensus on issues such as immigration.... Some 400,000 immigrants arrived last year in a country with a total population of nearly 18 million....

This creates a substantial fiscal burden under the generous Dutch welfare state and strains the housing market. It’s also becoming a culture-war issue as voters worry the country isn’t properly assimilating Muslim migrants from the Middle East and North Africa....

Centrist politicians heap scorn on Mr. Wilders’s proposed solution, which is to ban the Quran, new mosques and Islamic schools.... But if any other Dutch politician has better ideas for achieving assimilation, voters would be all ears.

Europe is set to descend into another round of name-calling, and expect to hear the word “fascist” a lot....

But voters clearly are growing less anxious about the “fascism” label the more they see it used against politicians they think speak to their concerns.
Excerpt #2:
The globalist elites continue to adjust to the fact that rightwing populist Geert Wilders won a HUGE general election victory in the Netherlands.

The Liberal MSM is reeling with what AP called ‘stunning lurch to the far right for a nation once famed as a beacon of tolerance’ – which is a disingenuous way of completely overlooking the absolute tragedy that mass migration has brought upon European populations, wreaking havoc on their standards of living and endangering the very survival of their cultures.

None of this matters to the Globalist vehicles that will shout ‘far-right’ from the rooftops....

But it does seem that at this juncture, the European voters are beyond the reach of this repetitive propaganda.
The only significant difference between these two excerpts is the copyediting -- Excerpt #2, from Gateway Pundit, isn't as carefully tidied up as the excerpt from the Journal. And while the Journal's ed board mildly scolds Wilders for some of his ideas, I'm sure the folks at the Pundit eagerly embrace them. But apart from that, these passages are awfully hard to tell apart.

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