Thursday, September 15, 2022


Two flights filled with undocumented immigrants left the South and landed on Martha's Vineyard yesterday. Republicans nationwide are dancing in the streets as if their team just won the Super Bowl, and Ron DeSantis, through a spokesperson, is beating his chest as if he threw the winning touchdown (except he presumably won't be going to Disney World):
"Yes, Florida can confirm the two planes with illegal immigrants that arrived in Martha’s Vineyard today were part of the state’s relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations," the governor’s communications director, Taryn Fenske, told Fox News Digital.
Here's a curious detail, per The New York Times:
As the migrants received Covid-19 tests, food and clothing, there was confusion on the ground about who had sent them to Martha’s Vineyard, a popular getaway for the moneyed and powerful. Migrants said they had started the day in San Antonio, but it was the Florida governor’s office that took responsibility.
The link in the Times report is to a story from Boston's WCVB, which tells us what happened:
Online flight records show at least two private planes that began the day in San Antonio, Texas, also made stops in Florida's panhandle, before later arriving on the island.

It was not immediately clear who paid for the private charter flights to the island; however, the statement from the governor's spokesperson said the Florida Legislature appropriated $12 million to implement a program to facilitate the transport of undocumented immigrants from the state.
Texas governor Greg Abbott has been busing immigrants to New York and Chicago as part of his reelection campaign. DeSantis, who's also running for reelection (while simultaneously running for president), is clearly frustrated that his state doesn't share a border with Mexico -- he proposed sending Cuban immigrants to Joe Biden's Delaware, then backed down in response to bipartisan outrage in his state.

So Abbott, like a human trafficker generously sharing some of his ill-gotten human goods with a fellow criminal, generously offered DeSantis a couple of planeloads of humans. Or maybe DeSantis paid Abbott for the right to have the human cargo flown to Florida, using Floridians' tax dollars.

A $12 million human trafficking slush fund could cover a lot more charter flights between now and Election Day, though you also have to take into account the cost of non-monetary payments to DeSantis's chief publicist:
A video provided to Fox News Digital shows the migrants deboarding the planes at Martha’s Vineyard Airport in Massachusetts.
Fox got the exclusive video! Amazing how that always happens with DeSantis!

If we've decided that this is an acceptable way to treat human beings in America, maybe blue-state mayors and governors should turn these planes and buses around and send them straight to Lachlan Murdoch's Bel Air mansion.

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