Monday, May 09, 2022


Neocons are so-called conservatives who want the U.S. to be entangled in all sorts of foreign wars. Their sworn enemy is America First true patriot Donald Trump, who loathes war:
Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper told CBS in an interview broadcast Sunday he helped prevent a series of "dangerous things that could have taken the country in a dark direction" during his time in the Trump administration.

... When CBS' Norah O'Donnell asked Esper during the "60 Minutes" interview for examples, he cited a proposal to "take military action against Venezuela," to "strike Iran" and, "at one point, somebody proposed we blockade Cuba."

... Esper's interview follows a series of revelatory claims he makes about his time in the Trump administration, including exploring the possibility of secretly launching missiles into Mexico....
You understand that Trump will do things like this if he's elected again, right? He'll bypass the Republican establishment and pick yes-man wackaloons for every key Cabinet and advisory postion, and a Republican Senate will rubber-stamp them all, even if, for instance, that means letting someone like Mike Flynn back into the government. This time around, no civilian adviser will resist Trump's craziest whims. Maybe the generals will stop him, but I suspect that if Trump wants to bomb Venezuela, he'll bomb Venezuela. And rank-and-file Republicans who have learned to denounce the Bushes and Cheneys as evil "globalists" will fly even bigger Trump flags when he's the one trying to be a global hegemon.

If this happens, it will be hilarious to watch chin-scratching Very Serious Journalists try to come to terms with their confident claims that the Republican Party, following Trump's lead, has now rejected warmongering and turned isolationist. No, actually, it won't -- they'll just pretend they never said this.

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