Wednesday, January 26, 2022


This happened, and most of America doesn't care:
A Texas felon who allegedly sold a pistol used to take hostages at a synagogue outside Dallas this month has been hit with a federal firearms charge, officials said Wednesday.

According to a criminal complaint, Henry Williams, 32, sold the weapon used in the attack, a Taurus pistol, on Jan. 13 — two days before Malik Faisal Akram used the gun to take four hostages at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Tex., a suburb of Dallas....

The complaint against Williams, filed in federal court in Texas, says it is illegal for him to possess a gun because he has a prior felony conviction for aggravated assault.
I've been hearing a lot about rising crime from right-wingers who think the solution is to get rid of "soft on crime" DAs and unshackle the police. Quite a few Democrats are worried about rising crime, too.

But when a felon who's not allowed to possess a firearm sells one to a terrorist, nobody cares. Nobody demands that we do something about unlawful gun sales to criminals, dammit!

The right won't say that because any solution might subject Republican-voting gun owners to -- gasp! -- inconvenience. The rest of us won't say it because we're so beaten down by the right's absolute veto over gun policy everywhere in America except the bluest of states that we know it's utterly futile to raise the subject.

Undocumented immigrants who commit heinous crimes are notorious on the right. The same for DAs who are regarded as lenient. The right endless complains about "urban thugs." But there won't be hundreds of segments on Fox about Henry Williams. There won't be any outrage at a system that looks the other way while guns are sold to criminals with impunity. Somehow, that kind of crime never seems to bother the people who say they're furious about crime.

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