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Stand for America, "an advocacy group promoting public policies that strengthen America’s economy, culture, and national security," was founded by Nikki Haley, who wants to be president. (There's also a Stand for America PAC, of course, which is raising money for Haley.) Stand for America has now published a book in which Haley and other conservatives discuss current issues and propose solutions. At Townhall, the author of one chapter, Star Parker, discusses the book in a press release disguised as a column:
Nikki Haley's Christmas Present to America

Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has served up a kind of Christmas present to the nation in the form of a new comprehensive policy book, issued by her organization Stand for America, serving up conservative solutions for our nation's many challenges -- domestic and foreign.

Conservatives get a bad rap that they just say "no." That they're against everything but never clear what they are for.

Haley is one conservative that cannot be accused of not having a broad vision and not being forthcoming in sharing it.

It's all here in "American Strength: Conservative Solutions Worth Fighting For."
The book, you won't be surprised to learn, talks about America the way the GOP talked in the 1990s and early 2000s.
Our entitlement programs -- Social Security and Medicare -- have severe projected financing problems that make it impossible to continue without major reform.

Culturally, family and marriage are collapsing. Birthrates are at historic lows, and surveys show Americans of ages where families are formed indicate low interest in having children.
Parker names some of Haley's co-authors:
I was honored to write the chapter on Overcoming Poverty and Building Long-Term Wealth.

But I am in distinguished company with leaders such as Ken Langone, founder of The Home Depot; Sens. Tim Scott and Pat Toomey; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich; Pastor John Hagee; Dennis Prager; and others, covering the full gamut of domestic and foreign policy
So how is this being received? Here's every comment posted at Townhall:
Way to go Star! Nikki is as much of a RINO as Lizzy Chenney. Too bad that you are trying to promote this piece of work. As for myself , Im done with RINOS. Begining with Bennedict Pence. Screw Nikki.


Don't forget Haley sat next to Brennan on some BS panel. When called on it she pulled a BS response (how was I supposed to know). She is worse than a RINO.
(Haley sat on a meaningless current-events panel with former CIA director John Brennan and others in an event connected to the 2019 NBA All-Star Game.)
No thanks, this woman has worn out her welcome. Haley is a back-stabber.


Nikki is the hotest RINO out there. Easy on the eyes, but brutal on the logic and experience!


I'm disappointed. The headline led me to believe that Nikki the RINO was going away.


Lets tell this RINO to take her presents and shove it. Who needs any present from a backstabber?


This chick is a grifting RINO. How quickly you forget the bathroom mess she created.
(In 2016, when Haley was governor of South Carolina, she said that a bill preventing trans students from using the bathroom of their choice was unnecessary.)
NO to NH. I don't know why Parker is promoting her. Note to Star: whatever opinion Stand Up for America has it does NO GOOD when she stabbed POTUS in the back AND SAT NEXT TO COMMUNIST JOHN BRENNAN!

Good for you on writing a chapter but no thanks now to you or RINO Haley.


Nope. I'm disappointed and surprised Knut Gingrich and Dennis Prager have allowed Nikki to use their names.
And in a Free Republic thread citing Parker's column, here are the first five responses:
Typical Establishment consultant-driven strategy.

Write a book nobody will read (that was written by somebody else anyway)


please clap.


Which god is Christmas in her pantheon of paganism?

Does Ganesh celebrate Christmas?

This pig is the female Christie.
please clap.


She is not a Conservative.

She is NOT a natural born Citizen.


Barf alert!
Mainstream journalists persist in the belief that a "serious" pre-Trump Republican like Haley -- one who doesn't devote every waking hour to owning the libs -- could be the 2024 Republican nominee if Donald Trump dies or falters. Last month, The Washington Post's Aaron Blake listed Haley as the GOP's #3 prospect for 2024, just behind Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Sorry, mainstream pundits. It's not going to happen.

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