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They tell me that the president is a new kind of Republican, but right now he's George W. Trump -- he's launched an attack in Iraq (albeit on an Iranian general the original George W. chose not to target), and he's unlikely to have a solid plan for dealing with the aftermath. The original Bushes tended to go to war only after cranking up the propaganda -- babies tossed out of incubators, smoking guns they didn't want to be mushroom clouds. Trump hasn't laid the messaging groundwork for a war, but I'm sure his team is primed to treat whatever Iran does in retaliation for the killing of Qassim Soleimani as the worst thing that's happened since 9/11, and I'm sure most of the Trump base will be pumped up, although possibly not the rest of a country weary of Middle East wars after two decades.

Or will some of the base resist? One Fox News star made clear on his show last night that he's not with the program, although he seems to be exempting Trump from blame:
... Carlson saw neither peace nor strength in Trump's actions. He blamed "official Washington," though, and suggested Trump had been "out-maneuvered" by more hawkish advisers who might be pushing America "toward war despite what the president wants."

"There's been virtually no debate or even discussion about this, but America appears to be lumbering toward a new Middle East war," Carlson said. "The very people demanding action against Iran tonight" are "liars, and they don't care about you, they don't care about your kids, they're reckless and incompetent. And you should keep all of that in mind as war with Iran looms closer tonight." Trump, he added, "doesn't seek war and he's wary of it, particularly in an election year." When his guest, Curt Mills of The American Conservative, said war with Iran "would be twice as bad" as the Iraq War and "if Trump does this, he's cooked," Carlson sadly concurred: "I think that's right."

I'd like to believe that this will matter -- in the segment, Carlson suggests that the people who want a war with Iran are also people who like immigration, which is an ugly message but one that could conceivably appeal to the Trump base, and possibly to Trump himself.

But the rest of the right is fist-pumping in unison, so I suspect that Carlson will be very lonely if he remains out on this limb. It's conceivable that Carlson will continue to be a war skeptic even as the rest of the GOP cheers on the war -- in which case I think his days at Fox will be numbered (though he'll probably wind up on CNN or MSNBC as a Trump critic). I think it's more likely that he'll get on board with the war. He has a sweet gig. I imagine he won't want to give it up.

There's some dissent in the comments to this Breitbart post, but there's also quite a bit of chest-thumping -- and many commenters are splitting the difference.

Here's an exchange:
Personally I don't care how much worse it is or gets. WTF are we doing fighting for ANY Muslim or protecting the Cult of death.

If we're attacked here again just send the bombs and missiles at the Country that allowed it, no more endless Troops on the ground, no more apologies, no rebuilding and NO MONEY!!!!!!!


Precisely, we have plenty of oil and natural gas. I don't care how bad it is in muslim countries or what they do to each other. The important thing is to ban them from immigrating here.

It's estimated that it's going to cost $600 billion just to pay the interest on the debt this year without even paying on the principle. It amazes me so many people want to fight another war over there.
That's the fantasy: that we can just bomb the crap out of Iran without getting entangled in a conflict. That's probably Trump's fantasy, too.

Here it is again:
Klll Americans and get Kllled under Trump. Kll Americans and get 150 Billion from Mullah OBastard, and Quid Pro Quo lunch box China Joe, piss off Joe you should have been indicted within days of the Video!!!!!!!!!!! I do not know what Barr and Durham are waiting for.

I really would prefer we got the hell out of the Middle East, it is a worse no win situation then Vietnam was, especially if Iran is left alone they will roll right into Iraq, same as the N. Vietnamese rolled into Saigon when we finally left Vietnam, they've pretty much accomplished that already compliments of O**%^&^^% and Joe.

SO if we are going to stay, then President Trump will sooner or later preferably without warning have to carpet bomb the Iranian guard, and the leadership. Send the Troops in for only as long as it takes to deal with what's left and to make certain their Nuclear capabilities are completely destroyed then LEAVE as in leave Iran and the whole damn Middle East, the Saudi's have plenty of American armaments, they can use those and let THEIR people die.

President Trump is no appeaser like OMomJeans and Chamberlain were/are
And some are explicitly linking the bombing to the election:
● The Iranians under Soleimani were given $millions by Hussein Obamaramacare, which they then used to kiill US service men.

● The Iranians were then conducting open warfare on the streets of Baghdad (Iraq !!!) against the US embassy and attempting to break into the compound.

● TRUMP issued very clear warnings - Not a Warning, it is a Threat. Happy New Year !!! He sent 200 Marines to the embassy on Tuesday.

● Iranians in Baghdad (under Soleimani direction) set fire to the embassy walls.

They don't think TRUMP means it.

● BOOM !!!

'Protesters' flee. Soleimani dead.

Don't mess with the US !!!

Iran's generals are seen crying on the TV - Why do they remind me of Democrats ???

MAGA November 3 Landslide
They don't know what's about to happen -- but I suspect they'll be on board for even a prolonged conflict, as long as it has Trump's name on it. Carlson won't get away with being a war skeptic for much longer.

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