Friday, May 03, 2019


It doesn't surprise me that the folks at Breitbart are upset about Facebook's decision to ban a number of racist provocateurs. What does surprise me somewhat is Breitbart's newfound love for one of those provocateurs -- Louis Farrakhan.

First, there was this yesterday, from John Nolte:
If you are going to defend free speech, don’t defend your own speech, don’t defend speech you agree with, don’t defend speech you find acceptable — if you are going to defend speech, be an American… go out there and find the most offensive and disgusting speech you can find and defend that because that is the most important speech in the world.

You see, if Louis Farrakhan’s speech is free, if Alex Jones’s speech is free, that means you and I are safe. They are the canaries in the coal mine, and now that those canaries are dead, none of us is safe because the Acceptable Free Speech Boundary has just moved a whole lot closer to us...

Silicon Valley’s tyrants blacklisted Farrakhan and Alex Jones, but also Laura Loomer and Paul Joseph Watson — who might drive you crazy but who are not racists. That move was an ideological one.

And what that means is that the Acceptable Free Speech Boundary now bumps right up against Breitbart News, Dennis Prager, Matt Drudge, and Zero Hedge.

... am I defending the right of a left-wing racist and bigot like Farrakhan to make his case? You damn right I am because this is America, where we have a constitutional right to be a racist asshole.
Farrakhan continues to have the right to make his case, of course -- just not on Facebook and Instagram, which are not owned by the government. Oh, and the folks Nolte says aren't racist? Loomer certainly is, which is why she got banned from Twitter:

Okay, this isn't exactly love for Farrakhan -- but how about the Breitbart lead story right now?
Snoop Dogg Encourages Everyone to Post Louis Farrakhan Footage on Facebook and Instagram

Rapper and game show host Snoop Dogg took to Instagram late Thursday and urged his 31 million followers to post and share videos of Louis Farrakhan to Facebook and Instagram. The antisemitic Nation of Islam leader was banned from both platforms for what the social media giant said was Farrahkahn’s decision to “promote or engage in violence and hate.”

“If you’re down with it like I’m down with it, post your favorite Mr. Farrakhan videos on your Instagram and Facebook page,” Snoop Dogg said in an Instagram video posted Thursday. “Show some love to a real brother.”

“How the fuck y’all gonna ban Minister Louis Farrakhan for putting the truth out there?” Snoop asked in a separate video. “I stand with him. I’m with him. Ban me, motherfucker.”
Breitbart is stoked by this.

I was a teenager when Nazis went to court to demand the right to hold a march in Skokie, Illinois -- and as a believer in civil liberties, I agreed at the time with the ACLU that the Nazis' rights shouldn't be infringed, as awful as they were. What I don't recall is anyone on the civil-liberties left cheering on the Nazis. There was nothing like this. But that's the modern right for you.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of upstanding Breitbart commenters:

This is fine.

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