Friday, October 27, 2017


The Daily Beast's Kate Navadski reports on an interview with a Russian Internet troll:
A Russian-government-backed “troll factory” hired a black man and a Hillary Clinton look-alike to make a sex tape, according to the first former employee of the factory’s American division to go on the record.

Alan Baskaev worked for the troll factory, also known as the Internet Research Agency, for about six months, he told the independent Russian television channel TV Rain.

... Once, Baskaev recalled, Russian propaganda-makers thought they hit the “sensation” jackpot with a fake video of a black man and a woman who looked like Hillary Clinton having sex.

“Do you understand... no one will believe that,” Baskaev said.
We don't get to see the alleged phony Hillary sex tape -- but we can watch a fake video Baskaev says his troll factory created.
Another time, he recalled, “our idiots” made a video that supposedly featured an African-American soldier shooting a Quran. But, Baskaev laughs, the man turned out to have an African accent. (Comments on the YouTube page for that video are in Russian, mocking the failed piece of propaganda.)
The YouTube page for that video is here. It's not plausible at all.

This is excellent news for Donald Trump. I don't know whether there really is a Trump sex tape, as Christopher Steele's dossier claims, but if it exists and might someday be released, it's now certain to be dismissed by the Trump cult (and by nearly every Republican officeholder and right-wing pundit) as a troll-factory fabrication, however legitimate it may appear. Those folks were always going to describe any kompromat on Trump as fake news -- even a high-res video of someone who is clearly Donald Trump would have been shrugged off as a clever fabrication -- but now they can say they have proof these things are faked! So this interview may have come at a very convenient time for Trump.

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